Aptima TeamVitals


Science and Technology for Managing Team Health and Performance

Today’s increasingly networked and distributed workforces are making greater use of electronic communications and other technologies. While new technologies can reduce constraints and offer exciting affordances, they also obscure interactions that leaders would prefer to observer first-hand to assess team states and know when to step in to provide guidance. 

TeamVitals provides leaders, instructors, commanders, and trainers real-time insight on how teams are behaving and performing in real-time to better manage, guide and facilitate communications. The result? Improved, optimized team performance that produces success.

TeamVitals reveals the unseen processes and patterns of communications that are evidence of team behaviors like collaboration and cohesion. Powerful visualizations illuminate whether key information is flowing to the right team members at the right time, what factors trigger a breakdown in collaboration or where bottlenecks in communications are occurring. 

TeamVitals ingests and analyzes data from multiple sources – including email, chat, phone, document interactions, and more – transforming these information flows into actionable value. These real-time team assessments, displayed through an adaptable dashboard, highlight a broad range of team behaviors so leaders and instructors can precisely assess the team. This is particularly valuable when organizations are disrupted by change and stress through identifying factors that are compromising effectiveness and leads to insights on ways to improve it.

TeamVitals is ideal for both training and operational environments. 

With TeamVitals, you can put your finger on the pulse of your organization to assess, diagnosis, and pinpoint gaps and areas in need of improvement, all through using state of the art science and technology to ensure your team’s success. 


For Commanders

TeamVitals reduces the impact of the fog of war by visualizing the information flow among the multi-team system, allowing Commanders to engage in more rapid interventions, and accelerating both decision making and the OODA (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) loop.

For Group Leads

TeamVitals provides transparency into how the entire organization is interacting, helping distinguish high performing teams from those that could use more training.

For Trainers and Instructors

TeamVitals enables better team assessments and informs how specific roles are performing in light of different stressors or events occurring throughout a training or exercise.