PM Engine®

PM Engine®

Automate Performance Assessment for Real-time Insight

Along with being subject matter experts, instructors must also be masters of feedback—a challenge given today’s more complex training systems and an explosion of data. Aptima’s performance measurement engine, PM Engine, automates human performance assessment to provide instructors real-time insights into trainee skills and readiness. A software system that integrates with computer-based and LVC training systems, PM Engine captures and analyzes performance data, enabling instructors to do what they do best: teach and guide learning.

PM Engine’s scalable toolset simplifies and reduces workload by automating tedious, manual measures to provide repeatable, consistent metrics across events, instructors, trainees, and systems. Easy-to-generate performance summaries replace outdated heads-down checklists and handwritten notes, to free instructor attention while improving debriefing, diagnosis, and planning.

Accelerate Readiness

PM Engine highlights trainee proficiencies and deficiencies to help instructors focus learning exactly where it’s needed to avoid needless repetition or expense of unwarranted resources.

Complement Instructor Expertise

PM Engine’s quantifiable measures deliver assessments that complement instructor judgment, forming a powerful combination of data and insight for more effective and efficient training decisions.

Leverage Big Data

With more networked systems, sensors, and platforms, PM Engine can harness the proliferation of data to improve instructional feedback while simplifying complexity.