Advanced Learning Management Platform

Advanced Learning Management Platform

Adaptive Training for Precision Learning

Because individuals have unique strengths and weaknesses, traditional one-size-fits-all learning comes at a cost. Such approaches can be widely uneven and inefficient, with learners spending unnecessary time and cycles to ensure readiness. So how can organizations right-size training tailored to each person’s needs, without limiting throughput?

Aptima’s Advanced Learning Management Platform (ALMP) takes training from a traditionally rigid, static approach to one that adapts to each individual’s needs to provide precision learning. ALMP combines data analytics with AI to continually measure, re-assess, and tailor learning experiences so skills can be mastered quickly and gaps addressed efficiently. With ALMP, organizations can train faster to a higher level of proficiency.

While traditional training breaks down complex jobs into serially taught components that often fall short of replicating true mission demands, ALM selects and inserts the right job components into the instructional environment. And because the curriculum is flexible, it adapts to the learner needs, sequencing the most appropriate content to address deficiencies, while building the scaffolding for next level skills.

This tighter, more responsive loop challenges learners with the right content at the right time at the right level. 

For Learners

ALMP’s personalized learning grows skills with content that is neither too easy, nor too hard, delivering feedback throughout to ensure progress.

For Instructional Designers

ALMP’s AI and data mining tools simplify programming adaptive learning environments, balancing automated recommendations with instructor authority to ensure optimal training.

Commanders and Instructors

ALMP’s dashboards offer performance trends and comparisons over time and across groups, providing detailed insight into learner progress and readiness.