Streamline Instructor Workflow while Improving Debriefs and Feedback

Training events can be as challenging for Instructors and Observer-Controllers (OCs) as they are for trainees. In dynamic, fast moving environments, how can instructors and OCs rate performance without losing sight of the action, or risk coming away with scant checklists that do not support formative feedback and contribute to trainee improvement?

As an app that runs on tablets, smart devices, and laptops, SPOTLITE mobile apps allow trainers to quickly and easily rate, tag, and flag trainee performance as events unfold. Featuring relevant, diagnostic measures, trainers simply and seamlessly select corresponding behavioral anchors and tag video in real-time, capturing and measuring critical behaviors and events while keeping eyes up and on the action.

Human performance measures are organized for immediate on-the-spot feedback or deferred debriefs, delivering the proof to compare what is observed with what is expected of soldiers, Marines, airmen and sailors, all without cumbersome notes, scant checklists, fuzzy or subjective recall, or exhausting searches through lengthy videos.

Download the SPOTLITE Brochure (PDF)

Better Capture,
Less Work

SPOTLITE’s behaviorally-anchored measures map to the skills and standards required of mission critical tasks, eliminating the distraction of taking tedious or redundant manual notes. With SPOTLITE in hand, instructors and OCs can collect data in real time and review later without losing details or context.

Better Measurement,
Better Teaching

With tagged audio, video, and photos trainers can deliver more meaningful ‘show and tell’ feedback, enabling repeat and review learning until trainees get it right. Whether at the point-of-need or in future AARs, this ground truth eliminates guesswork, vague recall from memory or conflicting accounts of events.

Flexible Mobile

SPOTLITE is designed to measure individuals, teams, or units in both ad-hoc or formal events. Measures can be preconfigured or customized by task, individual, or team activities.