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  • World’s First AI Panelist...

    I/ITSEC Focus Event Brings Together...

    I/ITSEC Focus Event Brings Together Human and AI Panelists to Imagine the Future of Learning & Training [...]

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    World’s First AI Panelist
  • I/ITSEC 2019 Demos...

    Building Human-AI Teams...

    Building Human-AI Teams [...]

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    I/ITSEC 2019 Demos

    Military-grade Training for Police...

    Military-grade Training for Police [...]

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  • Aptima Launches SHIPMATE Video...

    AI-based intelligent learning system for...

    AI-based intelligent learning system for CSCS [...]

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    Aptima Launches SHIPMATE Video
  • Leading MARCIMS Development...

    USMC intelligent assistant makes sense...

    USMC intelligent assistant makes sense of chaotic civil environment [...]

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    Leading MARCIMS Development
  • Aptima Part of ManTech...

    ManTech team wins US Army...

    ManTech team wins US Army Persistent Cyber Training Environment contract [...]

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    Aptima Part of ManTech PCTE Team
  • Aptima Sponsor’s STEM Camp...

    GEMS Summer Program at STTC...

    GEMS Summer Program at STTC in Orlando provides STEM for rising 7th-9th grade student [...]

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    Aptima Sponsor’s STEM Camp
  • Learning is Predicting...

    So, what are the implications...

    So, what are the implications for training? [...]

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    Learning is Predicting
  • JC Villa Joins Orlando...

    MS&T Industry Leader is Navy...

    MS&T Industry Leader is Navy Portfolio Manager [...]

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    JC Villa Joins Orlando Office
  • Daniel Speaks: NDM 2019...

    Imagining a future in which...

    Imagining a future in which human and AI work together in the service of humankind [...]

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    Daniel Speaks: NDM 2019
  • Aptima Website ADA Compliant...

    Upgrades ensure accessibility to those...

    Upgrades ensure accessibility to those with disabilities [...]

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    Aptima Website ADA Compliant
  • Daniel Speaks: WATS 2019...

    The Future of Work: Human...

    The Future of Work: Human Performance in the Age of AI [...]

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    Daniel Speaks: WATS 2019
  • UNMC Breakthrough Thinking Conference...

    Aptima CEO Daniel Serfaty speaks...

    Aptima CEO Daniel Serfaty speaks on The Future of Work [...]

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    UNMC Breakthrough Thinking Conference Designed to Inspire
  • Daniel Speaks: ISPI 2019...

    Human Performance in the age...

    Human Performance in the age of AI [...]

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    Daniel Speaks: ISPI 2019
  • Communications in Complex Organizations:...

    Using hard data behind ‘Soft...

    Using hard data behind ‘Soft Skills’ to help improve performance [...]

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    Communications in Complex Organizations: Are They Helping or Hurting?
  • Aptima Awarded $18.4M to...

    Initially focused on AEGIS platform,...

    Initially focused on AEGIS platform, work applies to broader Navy goal of continuous learning and anytime/anywhere training [...]

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    Aptima Awarded $18.4M to Advance Learning Technologies for Sailor Readiness
  • Mentor of the Year...

    Aptima staff recognize Margaret J....

    Aptima staff recognize Margaret J. “Meg” Clancy and Dr. Krista Ratwani [...]

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    Mentor of the Year 2018
  • Aptima Awarded $19M to...

    5-year program supports Army ‘Talent...

    5-year program supports Army ‘Talent Mangement’ need for era of new threats [...]

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    Aptima Awarded $19M to Advance US Army Personnel Development

Visit us at I/ITSEC 2019 in Booth 2401

Aptima is leading the charge in developing paradigm-breaking AI-enabled training technologies. In 2019 we are demonstrating AI-enabled sensor technologies for continuous feedback and improvement, human-machine teaming that improves human performance, and precision learning systems for existing sims and legacy programs. Aptima’s first-for-I/ITSEC AI Panelist will be taking questions on the future of AI-empowered learning. Our solutions help measure, assess, inform, and augment human performance in defense, intel, aviation, law enforcement, and healthcare.

Meet the world’s first AI Panelist!

Please join Aptima, Inc. at I/ITSEC 2019 for a “fireside chat” where panelists—four humans and one AI bot—will be asked to imagine what learning will look like in 2030. Moderated by Aptima CEO Daniel Serfaty, the human panelists will lay out their vision, while the world’s first AI panelist, driven by a cutting-edge, I/ITSEC-trained generative language model, will be creatively answering questions and providing its own vision in real-time.

What:   Imagine 2030: AI-Empowered Learning
When: Wednesday, 4 December 0830 – 1000
Where: Orange County Convention Center, South Concourse, Room S320GH
Who:    Moderated by Daniel Serfaty, CEO and Principal Founder, Aptima, Inc., with Panelists:

  • Sae Schatz, Ph.D., Director, Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL)Initiative
  • Benjamin Nye, Ph.D., Director of Learning Sciences, University of Southern California, Institute for Creative Technologies
  • Ulrik Christensen, M.D., Executive Chairman and Founder, Area9
  • Colonel Robert H. “Hammerhead” Epstein, Commander, Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation
  • Charlie, AI-Empowered Panelist, Aptima, Inc.

When not in the Panel discussion, Charlie will be in Aptima Booth #2401 all week. Learn more about Charlie and this event at https://www.aptima.com/imagine-2030/ .

Register today for I/ITSEC 2019.

Daniel Speaks

As Aptima’s Founder and CEO, Daniel Serfaty has led Aptima to become the premier Human-Centered Engineering business in the world. His work optimizes the integration of humans with intelligent technologies in defense, healthcare, aviation, and education. 

Daniel’s keynote addresses around the world are encouraging his audiences to imagine a future in which human and artificial intelligences work together in the service of humankind.


2019 Speaking Engagements

STRONG (Strengthening Teamwork for Robust Operations in Novel Groups) Summer Innovation Summit Exchange Panel
23 July 2019

Invited Speaker
NDM 2019

San Francisco, CA
18-21 June 2019

Master’s Series Speaker
World Aviation Training Summit
Orlando, FL
30 April-2 May 2019

Closing Keynote 
International Society for Performance Improvement 2019 Annual Conference

New Orleans, LA
11-15 April 2019

Closing Keynote
UNMC 2019 Breakthrough Thinking Conference
Omaha, NB
3 April 2019