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The Human

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Aptima: Moving Humans, Technology, and AI Forward

AI changes how we work, learn, and perform

Engineering Human-AI Teams

As workplaces evolve into multi-species organizations combining humans, agents, and AI, Aptima’s world-class multidisciplinary staff is addressing the distinct dynamics and challenges of integrating humans and AI systems. This includes the shared reasoning, intent, context, and communications required. By placing the human at the center of this relationship, Aptima is engineering solutions for a productive, cooperative, and ethical human- AI future, one that augments—not replaces—humans.

Intelligent Performance Assessment

Our multi-sensored world is leading to unparalleled amounts of information about our behaviors, activities, and even our emotional and physiological status. How will we comprehend this complexity? Aptima is combining AI with its proven performance assessment technologies to make sense of these signals. Our tools provide a successive cycle to measure, analyze, and understand this data to optimize human performance.

Fusing Lifelong Learning and Work

Continual readiness demands new approaches. Occasional, one-size-fits-all training, or classroom-only instruction no longer adequately prepares workforces. Aptima is bridging the gap between the demands of work and the need to learn by leveraging the data around us. Our analytic models and systems transform assessments into personalized, high-impact learning experiences that support continuous, ongoing skill and career development.

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Daniel Speaks

Daniel Serfaty portraitAs Aptima’s Founder and CEO, Daniel Serfaty has led Aptima to become the premier Human-Centered Engineering business in the world. His work optimizes the integration of humans with intelligent technologies in defense, healthcare, aviation, and education. 

Daniel’s keynote addresses around the world are encouraging his audiences to imagine a future in which human and artificial intelligence work together in the service of humankind.

Interested in having Daniel speak to your group or organization? Please contact aptima_info@aptima.com for more information.


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