Aptima Puerto Rico

Aptima Puerto Rico

Commercial-Quality Clearable Talent at Government Rates

The US Government can’t afford market rates compared to Big Tech, but Government has the same demandingly complex needs for data science and software development and maturation.

Established by Aptima, Inc. in 2022, AptimaPR fills this gap. Aptima has a history of overseeing new ventures, including cost accounting, facility security, and other requirements, and firewalling intellectual property. This de-risks the enterprise for our customers.

AptimaPR also has on-island leadership in Puerto Rico, which ensures that we are sensitive to the local norms and business climate.

Why Aptima Puerto Rico?

  • Clearable US citizen workforce
  • High quality STEM universities
  • Existing Government, academic, and industry presence

“At AptimaPR, we combine 28 years of experience optimizing human performance in mission-critical, technology-intensive settings, with Puerto  Rico’s top-notch and clearable US citizen workforce, its nationally accredited universities, and its advanced R&D facilities. The result is cost-effective, leading-edge solutions for today’s complex human performance challenges.”

Carlos A. Suarez Nigaglioni
Director, Aptima Puerto Rico Operations

About Aptima

Aptima, Inc.’s expansion into Puerto Rico builds on its innovative work with the U.S. Department of Defense and its research laboratories, in the areas of learning and training, human-machine teaming, and AI. 

Human-Centered Approach
Aptima places a strong emphasis on understanding human behavior, cognition, and performance. By focusing on the human element in complex systems, we can design solutions that optimize human-machine interactions that enhance overall  performance.

Interdisciplinary Expertise
Aptima brings together a diverse team of experts from fields such as engineering, data science, psychology, and cognitive science. This interdisciplinary approach allows us to tackle complex problems from multiple perspectives to develop comprehensive solutions.

Innovation and Research
Aptima pushes the boundaries of technology and innovation. We actively engage in research and development efforts, staying at the forefront of advancements in areas including artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, and simulation.

Domain Knowledge and Experience
Aptima has extensive experience working across domains, including defense, intel, aviation, law enforcement, and healthcare. Our deep understanding of the specific challenges and requirements in these fields enables us to provide tailored solutions that address our customers’ unique needs.

Collaborative Partnerships
Aptima collaborates with Government, industry partners, and academic institutions to leverage collective knowledge and expertise. These collaborations foster innovation, enable access to cutting-edge technologies, and help Aptima stay responsive to evolving industry needs.

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