About Aptima

About Aptima

Optimizing Human Performance in Mission-Critical Environments

Since 1995, Aptima’s mission has been to optimize and improve human performance in mission-critical, technology-intensive settings. We apply deep expertise in how humans think, learn, and perform to today’s challenges. Our competitive advantage lies in our unique multidisciplinary approach to human-centered engineering:

  • Human-Centered Approach – Aptima places a strong emphasis on understanding human behavior, cognition, and performance. By focusing on the human element in complex systems, we can design solutions that optimize human-machine interactions that enhance overall performance.
  • Interdisciplinary Expertise – Aptima brings together a diverse team of experts from fields such as engineering, data science, psychology, and cognitive science. This interdisciplinary approach allows us to tackle complex problems from multiple perspectives to develop comprehensive solutions.
  • Innovation and Research – Aptima is committed to pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation. We actively engage in research and development efforts, staying at the forefront of advancements in areas including artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, and simulation.
  • Domain Knowledge and Experience – Aptima has extensive experience working across various domains, including defense, intel, aviation, law enforcement, and healthcare. Our deep understanding of the specific challenges and requirements in these fields enables us to provide tailored solutions that address our customers’ unique needs.
  • Collaborative Partnerships – Aptima collaborates with Government, industry partners, and academic institutions to leverage collective knowledge and expertise. These collaborations foster innovation, enable access to cutting-edge technologies, and help Aptima stay responsive to evolving industry needs.

Whether for fighter pilots functioning in the cockpit, medical staff in the ICU, or teams collaborating across distributed networks, Aptima’s solutions help measure, assess, inform, and augment human performance in defense, intel, aviation, law enforcement, and healthcare.

Ensure Synergy

Ensure the synergy between humans, the technologies they use, and the organizations within which they operate

Enhance Productivity

Enhance productivity through human-AI teaming, unobtrusive measurement, data analytics, and intelligent interfaces


Accelerate Learning

Accelerate learning, training, and readiness with precision learning that is customized, personalized, and efficient


Aptima’s technologies provide a successive cycle to measure, analyze, understand, and optimize human performance. Our technologies can be used individually, or in specific combinations, depending on customer needs.

Mobile apps for observer-based performance measurement, debrief, and feedback

PM Engine®
System-based performance measurement for improved efficiency and proficiency

Advanced Learning Management Platform™
Model-based approach for personalized training and feedback

Unobtrusive assessment of team and organization states for training and optimization


GOTS software for advanced training data tracking and visualization

Sidekick Training Accelerator

Generative AI-based platform for accelerating Instructional System Design analysis to create and update training


Small Business Administration SBIR Tibbetts Award

Recognized for exceptional success through the SBA's Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program for SPOTLITE®

Cogswell Outstanding Industrial Security Achievement Award

Two-time recipient of the most prestigious honor the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) bestows to cleared industry

A Fast Company Best Workplace for Innovators

“AI company provides seed money for promising internal projects and has a venture arm to commercialize its homegrown technologies” - Fast Company