Cognitive Systems Integration

Cognitive Systems Integration

High-value Reasoning through Cognitive De-clutter

Aptima’s Cognitive Systems Integration (CSI) capability designs, builds, and deploys assistive technologies that augment the cognitive performance of humans in data-intensive, mission-critical environments from military missions to healthcare. CSI combines a deep understanding of complex cognitive processes with design-thinking and rapid prototyping to create technologies that fit human workflows.

These assistive technologies feature custom AI, machine learning, and interactive modalities to:

  • Learn user work patterns and expectations
  • Predict information needs for more efficient, insightful problem solving
  • Enhance situational awareness and decision support
  • Allocate tasks for optimal workflow and human-machine collaboration


CSI helps defense analysts correlate patterns and visualize data to understand real-world defense gaps and those due to simulation models.


CSI’s contextually-aware searches narrow down and identify key information by orders of magnitude, saving analysts innumerable hours and steps.


CSI develops healthcare apps that facilitate information flow and understanding amongst patients, families, and clinical support teams to improve communications and quality of care.