Instructional Strategy and Support

Instructional Strategy and Support

For training that adjusts, grows, and scales

Which ‘Reality’—AR, VR, or Mixed—will best support your skills? Will your forces be prepared for a future of human-machine teaming? Can you support readiness in the face of resource limitations or sudden surges?

Aptima’s Instructional Strategy and Support (ISS) capability identifies and delivers the optimal training solutions for today’s challenges. Whether enhancing existing systems or designing new ones, ISS ensures your training can adjust as requirements, competencies, and resources evolve and change.

The DNA of Training: The Sweet Spot of Best Practices and Research

As the ‘DNA of training,’ ISS provides a strategic framework on the front-end to ensure the most flexible, efficient, and effective training on the backend. ISS combines the latest in learning theory and best practices with domain expertise to design and engineer optimal training solutions. This process includes:

  • Top-down instructional strategy and design
  • Scenario creation and sequencing
  • Use of appropriate mediums and proper mix of Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC)
  • Design thinking with human-centered interfaces
  • Analytics that measure trainees and inform learners and instructors
Whether resources are slashed or services surge, ISS ensures training solutions scale up or down, whether to maintain base proficiencies or build new ones. ISS employs rapid prototyping and design thinking to quickly adjust to the budgets, timelines, and throughputs required for readiness, without starting anew.
From assessing individual and team skills, to evaluating readiness and ROI across the enterprise, Aptima integrates performance measurement throughout. By leveraging sensors, data, and analytics, this feedback closes the loop, improving the learning experience for trainees, while delivering actionable insights to instructors, leaders, and commanders.

Training with Technology

ISS identifies the tools and platforms that best support your force readiness. Whether optimally sequencing LVC training or selecting the right AR, VR, or Mixed Reality, ISS specifies the instructional strategy and technologies that ensure precision learning.

Teaming with Technology

ISS is at the forefront of understanding the unique challenges for a future of human-machine teaming. ISS takes into account the dynamics, interactions, and cues for humans to effectively adapt and team with synthetic, unmanned, and AI counterparts.

Building the Future

ISS develops advanced cognitive skills and teaming competencies, such as the communications and collaboration vital to organizational success. Along with building tactical expertise, ISS trains critical thinking and decision-making skills enable personnel to effectively handle new demands.