Analytic Diabetic Systems

Analytic Diabetic Systems

Predictive Analytics for Core Healthcare System Needs

Analytic Diabetic Systems (ADS) is a predictive analytics company with expertise in AI and machine learning applied to several core healthcare system needs. Founded by Aptima, Inc.’s commercialization arm, Aptima Ventures LLC, ADS is the creator of GlyCU which provides predictive glycemic control analytics and monitoring to save lives, reduce labor, and decrease costs in the ICU.

Improvement of Glycemic Control = Significant Reduction in Healthcare Costs

Comparison of survival curves based on hospital length of stay in surgical patients. Kaplan-Meir survivability plot shows a significant difference in mortality over hospital length of stay, between patients with controlled vs. uncontrolled blood glucose (P = 0.01).

Figure courtesy of Andrew T. Schlussel, Danielle B. Holt, Eric A. Crawley, Michael B. Lustik, Charles E. Wade, Catherine F.T. Uyehara, Effects of Hyperglycemia and Continuous Intravenous Insulin on Outcomes of Surgical Patients, Journal of Surgical Research, Vol. 176, Issue 1, July 2012, pp. 202-209.


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Intelligent, Advanced

GlyCU predicts and identifies of trends and patterns in glucose and other related electronic medical records (EMR) data. GlyCU has advanced predictive models capable of predicting a complete trajectory of glucose values up to 135 minutes in the future. These models have been validated using data collected from a study completed at The Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center in over 125 critical care patients.

Clinical Decision

GlyCU’s Aavanced clinical decision support algorithms leverage predictions to recommend insulin therapy that will lead to optimal glycemic control within a user-defined target range. 

Simulation and

GlyCU’s real-time and retrospective simulation and training capabilities enable users to simulate the effect of a therapeutic intervention before committing to it in practice. Real-time and retrospective measurement and assessment of healthcare staff performance helps ensure glycemic control goals are met at the individual patient and hospital unit levels.