Artificial Intelligence Analytics

Artificial Intelligence Analytics

Building AI for Tomorrow’s Challenges

The most difficult challenges of the future won’t be solved using today’s off-the-shelf approaches. From cybersecurity to space threats, tomorrow’s problems require new and novel techniques.

Aptima’s Artificial Intelligence Analytics (AIA) applies leading-edge expertise in deep learning, pattern matching, and predictive modeling to solve emerging challenges across a range of domains. From identifying useful patterns and trends in existing data and answering questions you didn’t know you could, to Explainable AI and computer vision, AIA helps customers get ahead of the curve, unlocking the potential of the latest techniques and algorithms.

Tailored to your needs, the AIA toolkit provides an invaluable proving ground to test a variety of new approaches to your problem set, including:

  • Predictive Modeling
  • Energy Modeling
  • Graph Pattern Modeling
  • Deep Learning
  • Machine Learning

Download the Artificial Intelligence Analytics Brochure (PDF)

Adaptive Planning

AIA’s Adaptive Planning Tool flexibly responds to uncertainty and change in missions, resources, and availability, utilizing cutting-edge energy models to optimize planning for Logistics, Cyber campaigns, Command Control, and other missions.

Cyber Security

AIA’s Applied Machine Learning automates the detection, classification, and intent of attackers through attacker learning in cyberspace. These models analyze and represent the behavior of cyber attackers, inferring how they may change and respond over time.

Space Situational Awareness

AIA’s Satellite Maneuver Activity Prediction learns the ‘patterns of life’ of satellites, applying algorithms to predict future maneuvers, alerting and cueing operators to anomalous and unanticipated spacecraft behaviors, threats, and new objects.