Precision Learning and Readiness

Precision Learning and Readiness

Are you ready? How will you know?

With the increased tempo of 21st century demands, the traditional preparations that once provided a long runway of readiness no longer suffice. Workers of all types, from the armed forces to commercial industry, are challenged to gain new skills, more knowledge, and master new technologies.

In the face of this constant change, how can individuals stay current, refreshed, and ready for what’s next? And how will organizations know what their workers have learned, how they’re performing, and if they’re prepared for today’s mission or tomorrow’s business?

Aptima’s Precision Learning and Readiness (PLR) capability supports continuous learning—learning that prepares individuals over time and across their career; precision learning that is customized, personalized, and efficient; ‘Learning at Scale’ that provides organizations insight into the entirety of its human talent and their readiness.

PLR brings the worlds of working and learning closer together to better prepare individuals and organizations for what’s next through:

  • Modeling competencies and aptitudes for hundreds of specialties and what’s needed to succeed from task to team level.
  • Software and tools that accurately measure individual and team performance over time, in both operational and training environments.
  • Analytics and AI that aggregate disparate data to deliver insights on learning and performance.
  • Instructional strategies that ensure development of advanced high level skills, such as collaboration and communications, needed in today’s organizations.

For Commanders and Leaders

WTR provides measures and metrics to understand the knowledge and skills of individuals and teams over time and across the organization.

For Warfighters and Workers

WTR replaces sporadic, inefficient, one-size-fits-all approaches to training to deliver on-demand building blocks of learning that support the laddering of skills for ongoing readiness.