Perceptual and Physical Augmentation

Perceptual and Physical Augmentation

What superpower will you need? Better situational awareness, faster decision-making, superior motor skills?

Aptima’s Perceptual and Physical Augmentation (PPA) capability provides human operators with enhanced capabilities to improve their cognitive, motor, and perceptual performance. As a unique end-to-end framework, PPA combines real-time sensor data and analytics about the user, their tasks, and state to deliver the right augmentation at the right time. Integrating with a range of user interfaces, from smart displays to wearables to robotic assistance, PPA supports users on the battlefield, in industry, or in healthcare settings.

PPA improves human abilities through:

  • Enhanced Perception: PPA augments vision using automated recognition and identification, clutter reduction, and distributed sensor network visualization through augmented interfaces.
  • Enhanced Cognition: PPA accelerates human decision-making and response times using dynamic information delivery, automated decision support, and human-machine task synchronization.
  • Enhanced Motor Abilities: PPA informs and synchronizes exoskeleton and advanced robotic systems of user actions and intent to coordinate load, strength, or endurance assistance.

PPA’s AI-driven framework can be applied across domains, missions, and training environments.

Download the Perceptual and Physical Augmentation Brochure (PDF)

For Military

A2T assesses the impact of new technologies on user workload, cognitive performance, and stress.

For Industry

A2T analyzes data from human physiological and environmental sensors to monitor and protect the workers in high-risk environments.

For Healthcare

A2T delivers dynamic information to enhance situational awareness and decision-making when life is on the line.