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Enhancing Operations Security: OPSHIELD

Aptima secures AFRL contract for OPSHIELD: an advanced system to safeguard military operations from public information exploitation

Aptima Inc., a leader in human-centered engineering and advanced analytics, is proud to announce that it has received a US Air Force Research Laboratory Phase I Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) contract to develop OPSHIELD, an innovative system designed to protect military operations from the risks posed by publicly available information (PAI). This system aims to enhance operational security by identifying and mitigating potential threats derived from open-source data, thereby safeguarding mission success and troop safety.

OPSHIELD: Operation Protection System using Holistic Intelligence Extraction from Logistics Data

The increasing reliance of the US military on contracted support from commercial entities has led to a significant presence of sensitive information in the public infosphere. This includes opportunities to bid on contracts, increased logistical activity, and social media posts. Such publicly available information can be exploited by adversaries, posing a risk to military operations. To address this challenge, Aptima and its partner, PatchPlus Consulting, are developing OPSHIELD, a comprehensive solution designed to integrate disparate data sources and apply pattern of life (PoL) analysis to assess and mitigate these risks.

Key Features and Benefits

OPSHIELD includes several unique capabilities:

  • Holistic Intelligence Extraction: Integrates and analyzes diverse publicly available data sources to identify potential threats to military operations.
  • Pattern of Life Analysis: Determines whether operational activities expose data that can be exploited by adversaries.
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation: Provides an integrated planning tool that quantifies the risk of each operation plan (OPLAN) and offers recommendations to minimize high-risk factors and enhance mission success.

By leveraging advanced data analytics and AI techniques, OPSHIELD offers a proactive approach to operations security. This system will enable operation planners to make informed decisions, reducing the likelihood or severity of disruptions, deterrence, or degradation of military operations caused by adversarial exploitation of PAI.

Aptima’s Artificial Intelligence Technologies

OPSHIELD is a member of Aptima’s Artificial Intelligence Technologies (AIT) portfolio of technologies that harnesses the power of cutting-edge AI/ML methods to address the increasingly complex challenges of the future of work. By combining adaptable processes and optimizing resources in the face of uncertainty, AIT endeavors to enhance operational efficiency and human performance. Leveraging generative AI, machine learning, and predictive algorithms, AIT offers solutions in areas such as multi-modal fusion and analytics, adaptive planning, and recommendation systems, all developed with a focus on robustness and modularity for seamless integration into end-user applications.

Aptima welcomes the adoption or merging of your technology with one or more of our SBIR Topics. We are eligible for SBIR Enhancement funding, as well as TACFI and STRATFI awards, all of which are sole source.

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