Blog PostsImproving Maintenance Efficiency and Readiness: Introducing ARTIFICER, the AI/ML Digital Assistant for the US Air Force

Improving Maintenance Efficiency and Readiness: Introducing ARTIFICER, the AI/ML Digital Assistant for the US Air Force

Aptima receives US Air Force contract to revolutionize facility maintenance, anticipating needs and optimizing coordination

Aptima Inc., a leader in human-centered engineering and advanced analytics, is proud to announce that it has received a US Air Force Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Phase I contract to develop ARTIFICER, an innovative AI/ML digital assistant designed to optimize maintenance operations. This cutting-edge solution aims to enhance air platform readiness by anticipating maintenance needs, augmenting personnel coordination, and providing a unified picture of facility data.

ARTIFICER: Augmented Reasoner Tool Intelligence For Improved Coordination, Efficiency, and Remediation

Meeting the Air Force’s need for an intuitive and unified view of facility data, ARTIFICER will decrease maintenance equipment and process downtime, accelerate coordination, and enrich user understanding of facility states. As a cross-platform and web-based application, it provides maintainers with access to critical information whenever needed, in an intuitive and engaging form. By consolidating and visualizing data from various sources, ARTIFICER enables users of all experience levels to quickly grasp the current system state, accelerating diagnosis and repair processes with its recommendation system.

ARTIFICER’s proactive AI assistant anticipates user needs to accelerate troubleshooting and minimize system downtime by applying deep learning to facility data. This consolidation and visualization of data provide a unified picture of facility conditions, enabling better understanding and faster decision-making. Enhanced coordination features improve communication and efficiency among maintenance personnel, leading to greater operational effectiveness.

In collaboration with the University of Dayton Research Institute, Aptima is leveraging academic expertise and advanced research to further enhance ARTIFICER’s capabilities. This partnership ensures the development of a robust and comprehensive solution that meets the dynamic needs of the Air Force.

Aptima’s Cognitive Augmentation Technologies

ARTIFICER is a member of Aptima’s Cognitive Augmentation Technologies (CAT) portfolio of assistive technologies that augment the cognitive performance of humans in data-intensive, mission-critical environments from military missions to healthcare. CAT solutions feature custom artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and interactive modalities that learn user work patterns and expectations, predict information needs for more efficient, perform insightful problem solving, enhance situational awareness and decision support, and allocate tasks for optimal workflow and human-machine collaboration.

Aptima welcomes the adoption or merging of your technology with one or more of our SBIR Topics. We are eligible for SBIR Enhancement funding, as well as TACFI and STRATFI awards, all of which are sole source.

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