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World’s First Human-AI Podcast

World’s First Human-AI Podcast: Aptima’s ‘Charlie AI’ on Federal Tech Talk

AI: Hope or Hype? 

AI will navigate your drive across country with aplomb but what about its practical applications in the workplace? Is AI more likely to replace a coworker or augment and improve their performance?  Federal Tech Talk host John Gilroy spoke with Aptima CEO Daniel Serfaty, and Chief Scientist Jared Freeman on the nature of AI and its strengths and shortcomings as it enters the third wave. While most people think of AI in terms of mining data, or as a tool for replacement, its true promise will be as a teammate that works with us. In fact, AI is the first technology to observe, learn, change and adapt as we use it, offering profound new possibilities, and challenges, for a future of human-machine teams. To advance that potential, Daniel and Jared discuss initiatives, such as work with DARPA, to imbue AI with social intelligence so it can better understand the context of the world we live in, assist and advise. To prove the point, the interview features ‘Charlie,’ perhaps the first AI bot on a podcast to add her own thoughts on how AI will work and learn alongside us.

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