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3D-Printed Mask Tools

Aptima’s Matthew Ewer: Providing Free 3D-Printed Tools to Help People Sew Face Masks for Doctors Fighting COVID-19

Youtube video shows how to make cloth face masks faster and easier; plans and tools being shared with mask makers free of cost

Research Engineer Matthew Ewer isn’t one to shy away from a challenge. At Aptima, he’s contributed to innovations spanning a wide range of mission-critical applications: from a VR solution for assessing the neck health of pilots, to a sensor-based system for protecting workers in dangerous confined spaces, to an AR toolkit for training Soldiers in lifesaving battlefield first aid.

In addition to giving 110% during the workday, Ewer has been using his energy after hours to help people who want to sew masks for doctors and other medical personnel who don’t have any. Using his home 3D printer, Ewer developed plans to create a set of 3D-printed tools that enable mask makers to streamline the production of these critical items. He then made a Youtube video demonstrating how to use the tools to make the face masks (

“There’s a bunch of people sewing masks for doctors fighting COVID19,” said Ewer. “By prototyping 3D printed tools, I hoped to speed up the process of cutting the fabric, folding the pleats, and other time-consuming steps.”

But Ewer has gone even further in his efforts. Not only is he offering the 3D printer plans to the public free of cost, he is sending sets of the 3D-printed tools to those who want to make masks but do not have access to a 3D printer.

If you have a 3D printer and are interested in receiving a set of plans, or are willing to make a set of tools with your 3D printer for others to use in their mask-making efforts, please contact We will forward your message to Matthew Ewer for his response.