Blog PostsAptima Launches SHIPMATE Video

Aptima Launches SHIPMATE Video

The Center for Surface Combat Systems (CSCS) International Programs is a forward-thinking training organization that has recognized the need to optimize learning delivery and management to answer the larger question posed by Navy leadership, “Is the training effective?” To aid CSCS in its advanced learning initiatives, Aptima developed SHIPMATE, the Simulator-Harnessed Intelligent Performance Measurement Adaptive Training Environment.

SHIPMATE is an AI-based intelligent learning system that works as a simulation “wrapper.” The system enhances existing simulators and modernizes legacy programs by analyzing Sailor performance and making intelligent learning path recommendations. SHIPMATE uses data mining and machine learning to continually update Sailor skill states to make more precise training recommendations while keeping students within their zone of proximal development. To do this, SHIPMATE harnesses data generated by Sailors in the simulator, formulates that data into measures of performance, applies AI algorithms to assess proficiency, and recommends the scenarios a student is best positioned to master.

Initially designed for Aegis computer operators, SHIPMATE can be used with any existing Aegis simulator or legacy program.

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