AI Assistant for Instructional System Designers

Accelerating Instructional System Design (ISD) analysis to create and update training at “Speed to the Fleet”

A trained Navy is a ready Navy and the complexity of modern systems requires a paradigm shift in training development. To enable “Speed to the Fleet”, the Navy needs to accelerate the completion of ISD analysis products, reducing time, reducing cost, and improving quality.

NAUTICAL is a revolutionary AI platform that addresses the imperative to rapidly advance Navy training capabilities amidst acute modernization demands.

Harnessing advanced generative AI language models to enhance the workflow of Navy Instructional Systems Designers

Developed by Aptima, Inc., NAUTICAL automates labor-intensive processes like task analysis through expert-crafted prompting strategies, batch parallel generation, and iterative quality assessment techniques including innovative Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) and Chain-of-Thought (COT) methods to expand context. By combining intelligent automation with human oversight, NAUTICAL allows humans and AI to seamlessly collaborate on addressing the Navy’s training demands. With its strategic vision responsibly transitioning cutting-edge AI to impact frontline workflows, NAUTICAL establishes the Navy’s leadership in leveraging AI to revolutionize training efficiency and deliver unprecedented value across the fleet.

With NAUTICAL, Aptima, Inc. was selected as the 1st Place Winner of the Navy Ready Relevant Learning (RRL) Prize Challenge, from a field of more than 60 competitors, in December 2023.

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