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Heat Illness Prevention for Warfighters: MITHRIL’S Early Intervention System

Aptima awarded second US Navy contract to advance development of a wearable heat strain assessment tool

Aptima Inc., in collaboration with VigiLife Inc. and The Ohio State University, is proud to announce the Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award for the development of MITHRIL (Measures Integration Toolkit for Heat Risk Intervention Logic). This novel solution aims to address the growing concerns of heat illness among military personnel by providing a scalable, user-friendly, and proactive heat strain assessment system.

MITHRIL: Measures Integration Toolkit for Heat Risk Intervention Logic

With rising temperatures at military training sites and decreasing physical fitness levels among recruits, the need for effective heat illness monitoring and prevention has never been more critical. Previous R&D initiatives, such as the Heat Illness Prevention System (HIPS), have made significant strides in core temperature estimation and physiological strain indices. However, HIPS has faced challenges in scaling for full deployment and self-management by Warfighting units.

MITHRIL is designed to overcome these challenges. This innovative system will be a wearable heat strain assessment tool built on a modern, secure, and scalable technology stack. It will proactively alert individuals and their teammates to high-risk situations, aiming to prevent and mitigate heat strain and heat illness incidents before they become life-threatening emergencies.

Built upon VigiLife’s fully commercialized Shield and SafeGuard products, MITHRIL will provide capabilities including extended battery life modes, long-range communication, and logistical innovations to improve kit deployment and management.

MITHRIL’s approach ensures the safety of Warfighters by meeting stringent algorithmic and system requirements, while also simplifying logistics and usability for high scalability among large user cohorts. Beyond military applications, MITHRIL holds significant potential for adoption in industrial workforces, healthcare, and athletics, offering a robust solution for heat illness prevention in various high-risk environments.

Aptima’s Health and Safety Augmentation Technologies

MITHRIL is a member of Aptima’s Health and Safety Augmentation (HSA) portfolio of technologies that builds and delivers innovative technology solutions and knowledge products to government, commercial, and clinical partners. HSA’s work spans the integration of data from multiple sources, the meaningful analysis of these data to address health and safety problems, and the foundational capabilities to ensure contributions are compliant with privacy and security requirements in these domains. Through wearables, privacy-preserving analytics, synthetic health data generation, and data-driven patient-provider communication in remote patient monitoring, HSA continues to push the bounds to improve human abilities.

Aptima welcomes the adoption or merging of your technology with one or more of our SBIR Topics. We are eligible for SBIR Enhancement funding, as well as TACFI and STRATFI awards, all of which are sole source.

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