Blog PostsFormer I/ITSEC Industry Keynote Daniel Serfaty Hosts Panel on “Adaptive Training”

Former I/ITSEC Industry Keynote Daniel Serfaty Hosts Panel on “Adaptive Training”

I/ITSEC 2022 Focus Event to Explore Adaptive Training in the Military

Defense & Industry Leaders explore promise and progress of Adaptive Training at I/ITSEC 2022

Orlando, FL – November 04, 2022 – For years, the concept of ‘adaptive training’ has been held up as a model for moving beyond standardized, one-size-fits-all training, but has been held back by the capabilities needed to enable it.  Fast-forward and the technologies and algorithms to deliver highly personalized learning experiences are now poised to deliver tailored, individualized instruction at scale.

This focus event will explore how breakthroughs in more robust AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics are unlocking ever more data to enable adaptive learning at the individual level and to optimize readiness across the enterprise.

“Adaptive Training at Scale: Ready for Primetime?”

Moderated by former industry keynote, Daniel Serfaty, CEO and Principal Founder of Aptima, this panel of senior leaders from defense and industry will address advances in AI and theories of learning, and how curriculums can be modeled, disassembled, and recomposed to customize instruction to a student’s pace, learning style, and level of competence – much as an experienced teacher who tailors lessons to each student in the classroom.

They will explore the applications, opportunities, and challenges of deploying adaptive training in the military, civil aviation, and other domains.

Panel Moderator: Daniel Serfaty, Chief Executive Officer, Aptima, Inc.


  • Lloyd Kleinman, Chief Technologist, International Programs, Surface Combat Systems Training Command.
  • Alicia Sanchez, Director of Innovation, DAUx at Defense Acquisition University
  • Janet Spruill, Senior Vice President, Government Programs, Aptima, Inc.

When: Wednesday November 30, 0830—1000

Where: Orange County Convention Center (West Concourse) Room W300 — Theatre

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