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Daniel Speaks: NDM 2019

Daniel SerfatyAptima CEO Daniel Serfaty will be an Invited Speaker at the 14th International Naturalistic Decision Making (NDM) Conference, which will take place 18-21 June 2019 in San Francisco, CA, USA. Daniel’s keynote addresses around the world are encouraging his audiences to imagine a future in which human and artificial intelligences work together in the service of humankind.

The first NDM conference was held in 1989 and will be celebrating 30 years of research at NDM 2019. This biennial event provides a forum for discussion, debate, and engagement between academics and practitioners.  This year’s conference will cover a wide range of topics including:

  • Decision making under stress and uncertainty
  • Strategies to support rapid decision making
  • Decision making in information visualizations, user interfaces design, macrocognition and adaptive performance
  • Decision making in automation and explainable artificial intelligence
  • Decision making for the Internet and consumer decisions
  • Decision making in the workplace and in organizations

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