NewsAptima Spinoff Sentinel Named ‘2021 Entrepreneurial Start-Up of the Year’ by Dayton Development Coalition and 2022 Soin Award Winner by Dayton Chamber of Commerce

Aptima Spinoff Sentinel Named ‘2021 Entrepreneurial Start-Up of the Year’ by Dayton Development Coalition and 2022 Soin Award Winner by Dayton Chamber of Commerce

Venture-backed startup introduced its “Safety as a Service” platform known as SafeGuard® to improve workplace safety through more preventive oversight

Aptima, Inc. announced today that its commercial spinoff company, Sentinel Occupational Safety, has been named 2021 Entrepreneurial Start-Up of the Year by the Dayton Development Coalition and the 2022 Soin Award Winner by the Dayton Chamber of Commerce.

A spinoff of Aptima through the company’s commercialization arm, Aptima Ventures, venture-backed Sentinel introduced its “Safety as a Service” platform known as SafeGuardTM to improve workplace safety through more preventive oversight. Sentinel recently raised a $2.1 million funding round that will be used to further develop its platform for industrial safety and personal health monitoring, and to launch commercial pilots.

Commercializing defense innovation

Funded by Aptima Ventures and the Dayton-based Accelerant Fund, Sentinel was launched in 2020 to commercialize an innovative Confined Space Monitoring System (CSMS) originally developed to improve safety oversight of US Air Force aviation maintenance personnel. The basis of SafeGuard, the CSMS system was developed by Aptima, Inc., Lockheed Martin, and the Air Force, and will improve real-time incident detection and alerting for safer operations. It is also expected to boost Air Force productivity, allowing nearly 80% of personnel previously used in one-to-one worker monitoring to be freed up for other work.

With millions of workers injured and killed annually in hazardous industrial workplace environments, SafeGuard’s unique IoT approach combines sensors, wearables, and AI analytics to intelligently and continuously monitor workers in a variety of dangerous occupational settings. From frontline firefighters and construction workers who face excessive heat, smoke, and pollution on the job, to those working inside dangerous confined spaces in the presence of noxious fumes, chemicals, and other hazards, workers face far greater risk of injury or death when inadequately monitored, working alone or remotely.

How SafeGuard works

SafeGuard fuses a combination of environmental, human, and locational data from a worker’s sensors, analyzing it in the cloud and at the edge to provide real-time detection and alerting. For a mechanic welding inside a ship compartment, for example, algorithms assess their physiological, atmospheric, and other indicators, including heart rate, breathing, air quality, and motion, detecting risks such as dangerous levels of fuel vapors or low oxygen, and their health status.

Unlike current safety protocols that rely on one-to-one observers to check in with confined space workers at intervals, SafeGuard’s cloud-based monitoring enables a single safety manager to oversee the real-time health and safety of 15-20 workers simultaneously, even tracking their precise locations in GPS denied environments.

Predictive alerts and intuitive at-a-glance “green-yellow-red’ status indicators provide continuous, comprehensive monitoring for proactive injury prevention. In the case of high risk or man-down situations, SafeGuard’s built-in decision support capabilities facilitate the appropriate intervention, including emergency or medical response when seconds and minutes are crucial.

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