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The Human

Is the Last Frontier for Innovation in the Age of Technology

  • Personalized Virtual Training...

    Algorithms for adaptive learning paths...

    Algorithms for adaptive learning paths [...]

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    Personalized Virtual Training
  • Satellite Maneuver Prediction...

    Improving Space Situational Awareness...

    Improving Space Situational Awareness [...]

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    Satellite Maneuver Prediction
  • SPOTLITE on Law Enforcement...

    Improving police-community relations...

    Improving police-community relations [...]

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    SPOTLITE on Law Enforcement
  • Human-centered Healthcare...

    Building healthcare solutions that work...

    Building healthcare solutions that work for all users [...]

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    Human-centered Healthcare

Our Mission

Aptima’s mission is to engineer tools and systems that increase human capabilities. Our scientists study how humans think and learn in today’s technology-rich networked environments, and we use that knowledge to solve problems and provide solutions in defense, homeland security, healthcare, aviation and cyber security. With offices in Boston, MA, Washington, DC, Dayton, OH, and Orlando, FL, Aptima’s solutions span the human continuum from the micro to the macro – from the neural and individual level, to teams and large groups, to complete societies.