Blog PostsFuture-proofed Software Engine Provides Multimodal Scenarios to Combat Data Scarcity and Wrangling

Future-proofed Software Engine Provides Multimodal Scenarios to Combat Data Scarcity and Wrangling

Aptima receives US Army contract for ‘GODDESS,’ a software engine designed to meet the Army’s need for rapid, scalable synthesis of multimodal datasets that reflect lived experience or possible future operational scenarios

Aptima, Inc., a trailblazer in leveraging artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to enhance mission readiness, announced today that it has received a US Army Phase I Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) award to develop a software engine that will generate cohesive, coherent, and credible multimodal scenarios on demand, flexibly and adaptively, with minimal data-collection requirements and setup.

GODDESS: Generating Operational Datasets Designed with Exploitable Synthetic Scenarios

Artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) algorithm and model development have two fundamental problems: data scarcity and data wrangling. Despite this being an age in which data are ubiquitous and voluminous, data of a different type or composition for the algorithmic or modeling challenges faced are useless. Even where data type and composition are non-issues, the oft-cited work to transform the data for use remains roughly 80% of the overall development effort.

What if data scarcity and data wrangling were no longer problems? What if you could generate all the data you needed in the required format on demand? What if data wrangling efforts could be decreased to 1/8th of the prior statistic (from ~80% to ~10%)? To address this challenge, Aptima is developing Generating Operational Datasets Designed with Exploitable Synthetic Scenarios (GODDESS): a tool that will answer those questions with a resounding yes. GODDESS will ensure meaningful, helpful, and viable output using state-of-the-art single and multimodal generative AI techniques with scenario-based guidance and a flexible, extensible, future-proofed system architecture.

Making data generation accessible, practical, meaningful, and timely has been crucial to the success of ChatGPT. GODDESS will bring those benefits to those needing multimodal data synthesis capabilities, such as the intelligence community, drone manufacturers, and manufacturers of self-driving cars—effectively anyone concerned about how their products might deal with realistic but unexpected sensory inputs—crucially, without them having to field experiments.

Aptima’s Artificial Intelligence Technologies

GODDESS is a member of Aptima’s Artificial Intelligence Technologies (AIT) portfolio of technologies that harnesses the power of cutting-edge AI/ML methods to address the increasingly complex challenges of the future of work. By combining adaptable processes and optimizing resources in the face of uncertainty, AIT endeavors to enhance operational efficiency and human performance. Leveraging generative AI, machine learning, and predictive algorithms, AIT offers solutions in areas such as multi-modal fusion and analytics, adaptive planning, and recommendation systems, all developed with a focus on robustness and modularity for seamless integration into end-user applications.

Aptima welcomes the adoption or merging of your technology with one or more of our SBIR Topics. We are eligible for SBIR Enhancement funding, as well as TACFI and STRATFI awards, all of which are sole source.

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