Blog PostsAptima Part of STR Team to Support Agile Planning for Naval Missions via DARPA Contract

Aptima Part of STR Team to Support Agile Planning for Naval Missions via DARPA Contract

Aptima, Inc. announced today that it is part of the team led by STR that has been awarded a new contract from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for the Phorcys program. The work under the contract will provide automated mission planning in emerging Navy operational needs using sealift assets.

The STR Team will incorporate artificial intelligence and advanced planning and decision systems providing operational and logistical missions using modern commercial e-commerce and on-demand delivery concepts. Advanced AI techniques are required manage the significant complexity involved with fasted-paced but irregular e-commerce scheduling, enormous numbers of assets and oceanic distances involved.

To increase the flexibility and agility of global operations, the US Navy requires innovative sealift solutions, including just-in-time delivery of assets to supplement military transport with more widely available commercial options. While the Navy has utilized commercial sealift for many years, the planning process remains largely manual. Under the Phorcys program, the STR Team will support DARPA’s goals of advanced user-centric planning that automatically generates scheduling options and provides real-time monitoring of Naval materiel on commercial vessels. STR will extend and refine modeling and optimization approaches developed on previous efforts to quickly generate robust commercial shipping options, support users in evaluating and selecting the options to execute, and monitoring the assets in motion to trigger contingency plans as needed.

The STR Team includes Aptima, Inc., a leader in the development and sustainment of human-centered solutions; J.F. Taylor, Inc. developers of large-scale simulation systems for the US Navy; and Crowley Government Solutions, which will provide subject matter expertise in military logistics and sealift operation at the United States Transportation Command. DARPA’s Phorcys program will also tap Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory for a supporting innovation study. While Phorcys will address a US Navy requirement, DARPA anticipates interest from services to include the United States Marine Corps, United States Special Operations Command, and United States Transportation Command.

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