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Aptima Launches MINDWORKS Podcast Hosted by CEO Daniel Serfaty

Aptima, Inc., the leader in optimizing learning, training, and performance, has launched a new podcast. In MINDWORKSTM (, Aptima Found and CEO Daniel Serfaty explores how AI, data science, and technology are changing how humans think, learn, and work in the Age of AI.

In his day-job as the CEO of Aptima, Serfaty explores how to improve the ways humans and machines can work together more effectively. The introduction of automation and AI is drastically changing the way many jobs are done. A recent study shows that perhaps as many as 30% of the human labor on the planet may have their jobs displaced.

“Rather than talking about displacement or elimination, I want to challenge us to be more constructive and talk about transformation,“ said Serfaty. “The paradox here is that the more we introduce AI, robotic, and automation into our lives, the more critical it is to deeply understand our evolving roles as humans.”

With new episodes released every Tuesday starting September 8, Serfaty talks with scientists, technologists, engineers, and other practitioners. The podcast is geared to technical and lay listeners interested in current events in science and technology. The podcast is also appropriate for individuals as young as middle school and high school-aged students.

Episode 1 released on September 8, 2020, “Meet your new AI coworker – are you ready?” features the Fast Company Most Innovative Team of the Year team from Aptima that built the company’s AI employee and world’s first AI podcast guest, CharlieTM. In Episode 2, Charlie herself will be interviewed.

Fans of the podcast can reach the MINDWORKS team on Twitter @mindworkspodcast and to provide ideas for the podcast, or to become a guest on the show.

To listen to the podcast, visit or anywhere you get your podcasts including Apple, Google Podcast, and Spotify.

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