Blog PostsAptima Awarded $18.4M to Advance Learning Technologies for Sailor Readiness

Aptima Awarded $18.4M to Advance Learning Technologies for Sailor Readiness

Initially focused on AEGIS platform, work applies to broader Navy goal of continuous learning and anytime/anywhere training

Woburn, MA & Orlando, FL – February 11, 2019 – Aptima, which applies expertise in how humans think, learn, and perform, has been awarded a contract by the US Navy worth up to $18.4 Million to develop numerous training advances to improve naval force readiness. As part of the Navy’s mission to prepare a more agile force, Aptima will assist the U.S. Navy’s Center for Surface Combat Systems (CSCS) with a progressive agenda to research, develop, and insert new learning technologies and methods of instruction. These advances will support Ready Relevant Learning, the Navy vision outlined in Sailor 2025 for providing the right training at the right time in the right way.

The contract includes developing advanced capabilities for measuring Sailor performance and delivering adaptive, customized point-of-need training and instruction.

“At the heart of the Navy’s model for continuous learning is human performance measurement, which has gone from a little-used and largely subjective practice, to being recognized as a key enabler of Sailor readiness,” said Janet Spruill, Aptima’s Vice President. “Now with the ability to understand an individual’s knowledge, skills, and abilities, learning systems can tailor and deliver the optimal training experience anytime, anywhere it’s needed.”

The contract will benefit Instructors, curriculum developers and students at the Center for Surface Combat Systems in Dahlgren, VA, one of 11 learning centers within the Naval Education and Training Command. Currently, U.S. and Foreign Sailors come to CSCS’ schoolhouse, the AEGIS Training and Readiness Center, co-located in Dahlgren, VA, to gain the knowledge, ability, and skill to operate and maintain the AEGIS Combat System, an integrated naval weapons system designed to track and guide weapons to destroy enemy targets. The new capabilities will allow Sailors to receive the right training at the right time, while improving training throughput and instructional methods over time.

To aid CSCS in their advanced learning initiatives, Aptima will build on and extend past work with the Navy and the other services. In addition to the research and development, Aptima will employ its A-Measure® suite of software to help CSCS capture, track, analyze, store, understand, and visualize Sailor performance in real time.

“With the advances in training technologies, such as Live-Virtual-Constructive-Gaming environments, and the proliferation of sensors and analytics, the foundation is in place to create truly personalized instruction and job support,” Spruill added. “By leveraging data and analytics we can better create, customize, and scale the learning experience, resulting in more efficient use of training resources as well as increased proficiency.”

Contract work will be performed in Virginia and at Aptima’s Orlando FL facility, where it further expanded in 2016.