Blog PostsDriving Healthcare Transformation: Aptima Partners with ARPA-H’s Customer Experience Hub

Driving Healthcare Transformation: Aptima Partners with ARPA-H’s Customer Experience Hub

Advancing human-centered healthcare innovation through continued ARPA-H partnerships

Aptima, a leading provider of human-centered engineering solutions, is proud to announce its acceptance into the Customer Experience Hub of ARPA-H, solidifying its commitment to advancing healthcare innovation through human-centered digital health data-driven technologies.

ARPA-H, the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health, aims to revolutionize healthcare by funding high-risk, high-reward research initiatives. The Customer Experience (CX) Hub within ARPA-H is dedicated to ensuring that healthcare advancements prioritize patient-centricity and equity, ultimately leading to improved care outcomes for all Americans.

As a member of the CX Hub, Aptima gains privileged access to a network of healthcare stakeholders, including universities, private businesses, and government organizations. This collaboration accelerates innovation in health and medicine by fostering diverse perspectives and expertise.

Through this partnership, Aptima will contribute its best practices in machine learning, human factors engineering, and design thinking to ARPA-H projects, ensuring that innovations are user-friendly and accessible to all. Additionally, Aptima will have the opportunity to collaborate with clinical partners and other stakeholders essential to realizing the ARPA-H vision.

Aptima’s acceptance into the ARPA-H Customer Experience Hub marks a significant milestone in the company’s mission to shape the future of healthcare through human-centered trustworthy AI, conversational agents, multimodal AI, and human-agent teaming (HAT) innovation.

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