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Aptima at TSIS 2020

Aptima, Inc. is a proud sponsor of NTSA’s 2020 Training & Simulation Industry Symposium (TSIS) Virtual Event (June 16 – 18, 2020). In its new virtual platform, TSIS 2020 will be an excellent opportunity to hear from procurement officials for Training and Simulation products and services from the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force. The focus will be on providing insight into opportunities forthcoming in the near to mid future.

The Future of Learning and Training:
It’s in Your Data

Military organizations today operate in a complex and resource-limited environment. This ever-changing landscape of matching priorities with available funds requires a quantifiable and precise approach. If you want to know whether your training is effective, your workforce is mission-ready, or how to deliver more efficient and personalized training to increase learning, look to your data. And yet, many organizations are challenged to effectively leverage their data, missing out on opportunities to train better, faster, and smarter.

Data: The currency of training and learning

Over the past 25 years, Aptima has applied expertise in human performance to capture, harness, and model data, putting it to use to help organizations get the most from their learning and training resources. By leveraging the right data and overlaying it with technologies that include AI and machine learning, we’re helping organizations to re-engineer training and learning architectures from a one-size-fits-all approach to an efficient, scalable, and adaptive learning environment. Aptima achieves the ability to scale by leveraging data at the right level of granularity and integrating the most effective AI techniques and technologies.

Whether your training is built on earlier generation technologies or more recent ones, Aptima’s data techniques and applications can help you:

  • Modernize legacy simulators and training systems using AI to provide precision learning, making training more adaptive and efficient than linear learning methods.
  • Unlock new capabilities in current training systems to gain new performance insights from existing data streams.
  • Future-proof training programs under development to ensure compatibility and growth with data mining, machine learning, and emerging enhancements.

Surrounded by Data: The Data Challenge

Aptima’s solutions and technologies extract value from the abundance of complex, disparate, or even incomplete data from sensors and systems. By mining critical information and evaluations from the information provided by instructors and commanders, greater insight of individual, team, and echelon-level performance assessments enables more precise, efficient, and scalable support of readiness objectives.

With more than 900 contracts across the Government and Department of Defense, Aptima has assisted agencies and Services with challenges that include:

  • Updating legacy systems for more adaptive and efficient learning: New AI-based, intelligent learning systems that function as a simulation ‘wrapper’ enhance and modernize non-adaptive, one-size-fits-all training systems. These data analytics and machine learning assess trainee performance, keep learner skill states updated, and make intelligent learning path recommendations. The result: more precise needs-based training that keeps students within their zones of proximal development and the training relevant to changing objectives.
  • Supporting hybrid teams of the future with improved understanding of performance and readiness. Team skills are essential to mission success, yet many existing training systems offer little insight into team performance beyond limited pass/fail metrics. With measurement tools that plug into existing data streams, instructors and trainees gain more granular, in-depth assessments of key teaming proficiencies, including those combining humans and AI agents in the future. These data agnostic tools, which store, assess, and visualize performance, highlight areas of need, improve feedback and debriefs, and track performance over time.
  • Training at scale for distributed learning. Just as many operational environments, such as cyber and intel, are become more globally distributed, training too is moving to on-demand, always on, anywhere access to support distributed learning. Aptima is helping organizations transition their existing learning environments to be more adaptive, personalized, and distributed. These systems scale to support individuals, team, and multi-echelon level training throughout the enterprise, while providing leadership with measures and indicators of readiness.

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For 25 years, Aptima’s mission has been to improve and optimize performance in mission-critical, technology-intensive settings. We apply deep expertise in how humans think, learn, and perform to today’s challenges. Whether for fighter pilots functioning in the cockpit, medical staff in the ICU, or teams collaborating across distributed networks, our solutions help measure, assess, inform, and augment human performance in defense, intel, aviation, law enforcement, and healthcare. For more information, visit