Shawn A. Weil

Executive TeamShawn A. Weil

Chief Growth Officer

“Aptima develops novel approaches to wicked-hard real-world problems by pairing behavioral research with quantitative practice. The results are often deeply insightful and delightfully unexpected.”






As Chief Growth Officer (CGO), Shawn has the responsibility to lead Aptima’s corporate strategic planning activities, oversee market expansion, and align Aptima’s technical offerings with critical real-world needs. He continues to provide senior-level mentorship about customer engagement, technical management, and business process development.

As a technical leader, Shawn has served as principal investigator on a variety of Department of Defense research and development programs for DARPA, the Office of Naval Research, the Air Force Research Laboratory, and other organizations. His technical areas of expertise include human-AI teaming, command and control, and collective performance assessment. He also works as a senior mentor for Aptima’s principal investigators and project managers.

Shawn received a PhD in Cognitive/Experimental Psychology from The Ohio State University with specializations in cognitive systems engineering, quantitative psychology, and psycholinguistics, and a BA in Psychology and Music from Binghamton University (SUNY). He is a member of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, the American Psychological Association, the National Defense Industrial Association, and the Cognitive Science Society.

Notable Publications

Halverson, K.C., Yohai, I., Lansey, J., Weil, S., Lande, B., Olguin-Olguin, D., & Demko, M. (2013). A Multimodal Approach to Measuring Behavior in Social Interactions. Proceedings of the 2013 I/ITSEC Conference. Orlando, FL.

Weil, S.A., Foster, P., Freeman, J., Carley, K., Diesner, J., Franz, T., Cooke, N., Shope, S., & Gorman, J. (2008). Converging approaches to automated communications-based assessment of team situation awareness. In Letsky, M. & Warner, N. (Eds.), Macrocognition in Teams: Theories and Methodologies. Ashgate Publishing Ltd, Gower House, Croft Road, Aldershot, Hants, GU11 3HR, U.K.

Freeman, J., MacMillan, J., Haimson, C., Weil, S.A., Stacy, W., & Diedrich, F. J. (2006). Strategies and studies in game-based training. Proceedings of the Society for Applied Learning Technologies, Orlando, FL.

Weil, S.A., Hussain, T., Brunyé, T., Sidman, J., & Spahr, L. (2005). The use of massive multiplayer gaming technology for military training: A preliminary evaluation. Proceedings of the 49th Annual Conference of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.

Entin, E. E., Weil, S.A., Kleinman, D. L., Hutchins, S. G., Hocevar, S. P., Kemple, W. G., & Serfaty, D. (2004). Inducing adaptation in organizations: Concept and experiment design. Proceedings of the 2004 Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium, San Diego, CA.

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