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Intelligent Performance Analytics Division

Robert “Bob” McCormack has expertise in the areas of computational linguistics (NLP), epidemiological modeling, and human sociocultural modeling and analysis. Robert’s research includes the development and application of NLP methods to a wide range of domains, including team performance assessment, knowledge discovery, and population-level dynamics analysis. Additionally, he is interested in the application of epidemiological modeling techniques to the study of the spread of memes. Prior to joining Aptima, Robert’s research focused on the development of mathematical and statistical models of zoonotic wildlife diseases.

Robert received a PhD and MS in Mathematics from Texas Tech University and a BA in Mathematics and Computer Science from Austin College.

Notable Publications

Duchon, A., McCormack, R., Riordan, B., Shabarekh, C., Weil, S., & Yohai, I., (2011). Analysis of C2 and “C2-Lite” micro-message communications. 2011 AAAI Workshop on Microtext. San Francisco, CA.

McCormack, R., Yohai, I., Duchon, A., Freeman, J., Skarin, B., Pfautz, S., & Salter, W. (2011). Assessing opinion change through the integration of agent-based models and natural language processing. HSCB Focus 2011, 8-10 February 2011, Chantilly, VA.

Salter, W. J., & McCormack, R. K. (2010). Applying epidemiological modeling to idea spread. In Schmorrow, D., & Nicholson, D. (Eds.), Advances in cross-cultural decision making. CRC Press 2011, pp. 353-363.

McCormack, R. K., & Salter, W. J. (2010). An application of epidemiological modeling to information Diffusion. Proceedings of the International Conference on Social Computing, Behavioral Modeling, and Prediction. SBP 2010, LNCS 6007, pp. 382-389.

McCormack, R. K., Duchon, A., Geyer, A., & Orvis, K. L. (2009). A case study in data mining for automated building of teams. In Eyob, E. (Ed.), Handbook of research on social implication of data mining and information privacy: Interdisciplinary frameworks and solution. Hershey, PA: IGI Global, pp. 249-267.

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