NewsAptima Scientific Advisory Board 2021

Aptima Scientific Advisory Board 2021

Enhancing company’s capability, capacity, and reputation for R&D

On December 9, Aptima’s Office of Science & Technology convened the 2021 Aptima Scientific Advisory Board (ASAB) to provide the company with guidance concerning its strategic R&D goals and to recommend partnerships that enhance Aptima’s capability, capacity, and reputation for R&D. Chaired by Aptima Chief Scientist Jared Freeman, five distinguished scientists comprise the 2021 ASAB:

  • Bill Regli, Director of the Applied Research Laboratory for Intelligence and Security (ARLIS), University of Maryland. Dr. Regli was recruited for his broad technical knowledge and understanding of the DARPA perspective.
  • Julie Shah, MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab. Prof. Shah brings to Aptima a deep knowledge of human-machine collaboration.
  • David Jensen, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Prof. Jensen was invited to contribute insights concerning AI and computational causal modeling.
  • Ben Schneiderman, University of Maryland. Prof. Schneiderman brings expertise in human-machine interaction, usability, and design.
  • Steve Kozlowski, University of South Florida. Prof. Kozlowski is an authority in multi-level organizational systems, team effectiveness, and learning.

The five members ASAB Members described advances in their fields, as well as provided their insights on topics within Aptima’s Team & Organizational Performance and Health & Safety Augmentation capabilities.