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2014 Aptima Achievement Awards

2014 Aptima Achievement Awards

Aptima Recognizes 2014 Employee Accomplishments

Woburn, MA,  January 5, 2014 – Aptima, Inc., a leader in human-centered engineering, presented its annual Achievement Awards on Friday, December 12, 2014. The Awards are meant to convey the company’s appreciation to individuals, teams, and groups of employees that perform above and beyond reasonable job expectation, contribute promising innovative ideas, or demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities. Nominations can be submitted by any Aptima employee and winners are selected by employee committees that change from year to year.

Best Paper

The Best Paper Award recognizes excellence in preparing written products that disseminate Aptima’s work to a broader audience beyond employees and the company’s immediate customers. This year’s Award went to Jeff Beaubien and Tara Rench for their paper entitled, “Assessment of Non-Technical Skills” to appear in R. Aggarwal, J. Cannon-Bowers, & J. Korndorffer (Eds.), American College of Surgeons Principles and Practice for Simulation and Surgical Education Research Manual. Chicago, IL: American College of Surgeons Accredited Education Institutes.

Best Teamwork

Aptima’s Best Teamwork Award recognizes cooperative groups that achieve Company goals or objectives of material value and quality by 1) pooling their complementary skills and knowledge, 2) holding each other personally responsible for doing their individual fair share of work, and 3) accepting mutual accountability for the ultimate outcome of their efforts. This year’s award went to Aptima’s PLAN X Team: Alan Carlin, Jared Freeman, Nathan Schurr, and Mark Weston.

Outstanding Initiative

Recognizing Aptima employees who pro-actively develop and successfully implement a new idea, this year’s Outstanding Initiative Award went to Sylvain Bruni, Chris Nucci, Kenny Riddle, Monica Serrano, and Ofer Tamir for the development of SPOTLITE-R™, the watch-based version of Aptima’s SPOTLITE™ data collection tools for real-time assessment of team and individual performance in live and simulated environments. Watch the SPOTLITE-R demo video.

Best Technical Achievement

This Award is intended to acknowledge outstanding performance within the structure of ongoing projects in the area of research and development. This year’s winners were the members of Aptima’s D-SPACE project team: Chuck Kapopoulos, Georgiy Levchuk, Andres Ortiz, and JCR Colonna Romano.

Mentor of the Year

Senior Scientist Alexander Walker was named Mentor of the Year. This award recognizes an Aptima employee who pro-actively develops and is genuinely committed to an employee’s growth, development, and cultural integration into the organization.

Innovative Patent Application

The Innovative Patent Application Award recognizes excellence in the area of research and development by an employee or a group of employees by acknowledging outstanding innovative inventions developed at Aptima. This year’s winners were Alan Carlin, Mike Garrity, Mike Keeney, Leah Swanson, and Danielle Dumond Ward for their patent application entitled, “Systems and Methods to Provide Training Guidance.” This innovative patent application was developed under Aptima’s Advanced Learning Management capability.