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2015 Top Simulation Training Company Award

2015 Top Simulation Training Company Award

Aptima Named to Military Training Technology’s “Top Simulation and Training Companies” for 10th Consecutive Year with Blue Ribbon for Innovation

Woburn, MA, October 19, 2015 – Aptima, a leader in simulation, performance measurement, and training products designed for the quantified warrior, has been selected by Military Training Technology Magazine (MT2) for its annual list of “Top Simulation and Training Companies” and awarded a Blue Ribbon for Innovation within the industry.

Aptima’s mission is to engineer tools and systems that increase human capabilities and thereby enhance performance in defense, homeland security, healthcare, aviation and cyber security. The company was recognized in part for the integration of its A-Measure® performance measurement platform with Bohemia Interactive’s Virtual Battlespace 3 (VBS3). VBS3 is the flagship simulation platform for the US Army’s “Games for Training” program, which reinforces hands-on, scenario-based learning. As add-ons to VBS3, Aptima’s technologies deliver rich performance measures to help trainees develop technical/procedural skills, as well as competencies such as teamwork, collaboration and adaptability.

A-Measure is Aptima’s platform for understanding how humans perform in human-machine teams. A-Measure is made up of four products that allow you to track, analyze, store, understand, and visualize human performance in real-time. These four products can be used as an integrated system, or individually in specific combinations, depending on the customer’s needs:

  • PM Engine™ – Calculate and assess performance measures (PMs) from data generated during simulation-based exercises to provide real-time feedback. Uses HPML (Human Performance Markup Language) to handle data from a variety of sources, including distributed simulation networks (HLA, DIS), log files, and SPOTLITE®.
  • SPOTLITE® – Real-time assessment of team and individual performance in live and simulated environments. Hand-held data collection device enables evaluators to collect, access, analyze, and provide formative feedback immediately following exercises.
  • ASA™ – Framework for aggregating human performance (HP) measurement data from disparate systems. Uses HPML to define PMs and describe HP from a variety of sources, including SPOTLITE and PM Engine.

    Performance Dashboard™ – Analyze and visualize data from PM Engine and SPOTLITE in both real time and after action. In real time, see exactly the performance that is happening as it happens to make quick adjustments to the training environment or note areas of improvement as the training scenario unfolds.

This is the tenth consecutive year that the company has been selected by MT2 for this prestigious list. Awardees are selected based on various criteria, which includes total military sales, end-user feedback, innovation, and need for the solution. In addition, MT2 editors award ribbons to selected companies that have made the most significant contributions to the training community. A Blue Ribbon signifies a company leads the industry in innovation.

The complete list of “Top Simulation & Training Companies” can be found at mt2.kmimediagroup.com/awards/2015.