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2011 Top Simulation Training Company Award

2011 Top Simulation Training Company Award

Aptima Named to Military Training Technology’s “Top Simulation and Training Companies” for 6th Consecutive Year

Blue ribbon awarded for leading the industry in innovation2011sim

Woburn, MA, September 12, 2011 – Recognized for products and services that allow U.S. warfighters “to train and rehearse for missions in theater, or to prepare for deployment at home,” Aptima, Inc. has been selected by Military Training Technology Magazine’s (MT2) annual list of “Top Simulation and Training Companies.”

This is the sixth consecutive year that the company has been selected by MT2 to appear on the list. Through research of how warfighters perform in a variety of military settings, Aptima has developed simulation, performance measurement, and training products designed to improve the decision-making and functioning of teams, particularly those facing new operational and mission challenges posed by netcentric and irregular warfare.

Aptima has also been awarded MT2’s blue ribbon designation, which signifies that the company leads the industry in innovation. Recognized for its deep understanding of how to enhance the performance of humans in mission-critical environments, the company’s innovative approach integrates social science with quantitative, computational methods: Aptima brings together professionals from cognitive science, applied psychology, mathematics, operations research, computer science, and advanced human factors to form multi-disciplinary teams. The diversity of skills and knowledge within these teams allows Aptima to create innovative and effective solutions to its customers’ problems.

Aptima was selected in part as a Top S&T Company for the 2010 extension of its A-Measure® family of performance measurement solutions with the launch of the Trend Analysis Tool™ and the Performance Dashboard™. The Trend Analysis Tool is a web-based application that consolidates the individual performance measures and assessments over time to provide insight into performance changes. Initially implemented for data collected by instructor observers on their A-Measure SPOTLITE™ handheld devices, the Trending Tool provides comprehensive, automated trending and effectiveness reports and analyses. As performance is tracked and calculated by A-Measure’s PM Engine™software for collecting system-based measures, these measures can be displayed through a real-time Performance Dashboard. The Dashboard is reconfigurable to show instructors the real-time team performance measures as the exercise unfolds, as well as provide dynamic feedback for distributed trainees.

Awardees were selected by an impartial panel based on various criteria, including total military sales volume, innovation, and program effectiveness. The full list of “Top Simulation & Training Companies“ can be found at KMI Media Group.