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2010 Top Simulation Training Company Award

2010 Top Simulation Training Company Award

Aptima Named to Military Training Technology’s “Top Simulation and Training Companies” for Fifth Consecutive Year

Company recognized for its “significant impact on the military training industry”

Woburn, MA, September 28, 2010 – Recognized for products and services that allow U.S. warfighters “to train and rehearse for missions in theater, or to prepare for deployment at home,” Aptima, Inc. has been selected by Military Training Technology Magazine’s (MT2) 9th annual list of “Top Simulation and Training Companies.”

Aptima applies expertise in the disciplines of how humans think, learn, and behave, to devise new simulation technologies, interactive training programs, and software measurement tools to improve warfighter performance. This is the fifth consecutive year that Aptima has been selected by MT2 to appear on the list.

Through research of how warfighters perform in a variety of military settings, Aptima has developed simulation, performance measurement, and training products designed to improve the decision-making and functioning of teams, particularly those facing new operational and mission challenges posed by netcentric and irregular warfare. Aptima was selected in part by MT2 for its development of the following products over the previous year:

  • DDD® 4.1, the “Dynamic Distributed Decision-making” simulation software used by international military agencies and researchers to improve team training and human performance in complex networked environments. DDD 4.1’s enhancements include new collaborative communication tools and display features that make it an even more realistic and effective multi-person simulator to prepare and train teams for distributed missions and as a platform for conducting research. With built in tools that track and record interactions, tasks, and communications, DDD can quantify and measure individual and team performance, making it a valuable test bed for universities and agencies such as the Air Force Research Laboratory and the Office of Naval Research, who are using DDD to evaluate new military technologies and to explore alternative training methods.
  • Ongoing development of the A-Measure® product family, a full-performance measurement solution that integrates all aspects of performance measurement. This end-to-end solution lets you create, collect, and use performance measures to get the most from simulation-based and live training exercises, increasing the operational readiness of your teams.
  • STORME™, which provides a range of multimedia interactive training solutions that maximize training effectiveness while minimizing cost.  STORME’s training accelerators complement large scale simulations and live exercises by focusing trainees on key learning concepts and objectives before they arrive at the training events, which provides immediate cost and time savings.

Awardees for the list were selected by an impartial panel based on various criteria, including total military sales volume, innovation, and program effectiveness. View the full list of “Top Simulation & Training Companies”.