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Interactive Intelligent Systems

Interactive Intelligent Systems

Context Awareness

Aptima’s Interactive Intelligent Systems (I2S) capability builds intelligent context-aware systems that combine advanced naturalistic interfaces with visual and computational analytics.

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Information analysis supported by intelligent automation.

AWAKE is a cloud-based information analysis environment built on the Context Platform that uses automation to improve the quality of reasoning and communication in analytic products. AWAKE automation assesses the current state of analytic products to recommend data and tasks that improve the rigor of the analysis. Domain-driven data models help AWAKE identify weaknesses in analytic products, and find information resources that can strengthen them. Analytic task models let AWAKE recommend rigorous activities that use those resources to strengthen products.

I2S Context Platform

Model and analyze data in human-centric context.

The Context Platform stores data in domain-driven models using a graph-centric knowledge store. Its configurable ingest pipeline fuses structured and unstructured data into the unified data model using batch and streaming methods. Scriptable data services support integration with external analytics, providing flexibility across a variety of domains. Semantic interactions with data —  such as highlighting a snippet of text in a document — allow the Context Platform to capture the context in which data is used, and recommend visualizations and workflows based on the users needs. The Context Platform is currently used to support applications in the Information Analysis, Humanitarian Assistance, and Cyber Security domains.