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GlyCU-related Publications and Patents

GlyCU-related Publications and Patents


Pappada SM, Woodling K, Owais MH, Zink EM, Dahbour L, Tripathi RS, Khuder SA, Papadimos TJ, Continuous glucose monitoring identifies relationship between optimized glycemic control and post-discharge acute care facility needs, BMC Res Notes, 2018, 11:533.

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Pappada SM, Borst MJ, Cameron BD,  Bourey RJ,  Lather JD, Shipp DM, Chiricolo A, Papadimos TJ, Development of a neural network model for predicting glucose levels in a surgical critical care setting, Patient Safety in Surgery 2010, 4:15.

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Cameron  BD and Pappada SM Multifunctional neural network system and use thereof for glycemic forecasting U.S. Patent No. 8,762,306 B2

Cameron BD and Pappada SM Neural Network System and Uses Thereof U.S. Patent No. 9,076,107 B2

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