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GlyCU Product Overview

GlyCU Product Overview

Improvement of Glycemic Control = Significant Reduction in Healthcare Costs

ADS has developed a comprehensive clinical decision support system—GlyCU—to support optimization of glycemic control in the hospital/critical care setting. Use of GlyCU empowers clinical staff to optimize glycemic control, leading to significant savings for healthcare institutions through a variety of mechanisms. GlyCU provides unique and comprehensive functionality and features, including:

  1. Intelligent and advanced analytics that provide prediction and identification of trends/patterns in glucose and other related electronic medical records (EMR) data. GlyCU has advanced predictive models capable of predicting a complete trajectory of glucose values up to 135 minutes in the future. These models have been validated using data collected from a study completed at The Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center in over 125 critical care patients.
  2. Advanced clinical decision support algorithms that leverages predictions to recommend insulin therapy that will lead to optimal glycemic control within a user-defined target range.
  3. Optimized and algorithm-driven visualization of EMR data
  4. Healthcare personnel-centered real-time and retrospective simulation and training capabilities where users of GlyCU can simulate the effect of a therapeutic intervention before committing to it in practice. This allows healthcare professionals to have confidence in their clinical decision-making and provide transparency in GlyCU-generated recommendations and predictions.
  5. Real-time and retrospective measurement/assessment of healthcare staff performance in meeting glycemic control goals at the individual patient and hospital unit levels.
Using GlyCU
The GlyCU User Interface
Predictive Model Results, vitals/EMR data, Clinical Decision Support, Staff Performance Measurement
The GlyCU Patient View