Human ElementAptima Woburn ‘Escapes’ for Fun

Aptima Woburn ‘Escapes’ for Fun

All work and no play makes everyone a dull bore, so on Friday the 13th (date intentional!), the Aptima Woburn Fun Committee sponsored one such event at Escape the Room Boston.

The mission was simple yet challenging: using only your mind, logic and teamwork, find the clues, solve the puzzles, and escape the room in 60 minutes. Aptima had two groups, with 19 total participants in attendance. Each group tackled a different room challenge – one group in “The Office” and the other group in “The Dig.”

The mood was set with some games beforehand to get the brain warmed up. We captured some pictures of the before and after (no pics allowed within the rooms).

After the hour went by, only one group succeeded – the Office – and they finished with a whopping 7 minutes to spare. The Dig did their best, but ran out of time with one clue left to solve. On the bright side, 80% of groups who attempt The Dig fail so they were in great company.

Each Aptima office location as a “Local Fun Committees” to coordinate after-hours events for staff. Watch for more “Fun” news in the future!

Office Escape
The Office: Ryan Mullins and fiancee Sydney Shaw, Diane Miller and husband Mark, Charlotte Shabarekh and husband Tim, Sylvain Bruni, and Danny Ward and husband Caleb.
Dig Escape
The Dig: Mike Tolland, Lisa Dang, Mike Hislop and wife Jenn, Chad Weiss, Mike Field, Chris Hanna, Jen Tremblay, Zack Zuzack, and Tasia Rechisky.