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Promoting From Within: Mike Garrity & Shawn Weil

Mike Garrity and Shawn Weil Promoted to Executive Team

Aptima, Inc. has announced the promotions of Dr. Michael J. Garrity and Dr. Shawn Weil to the company’s Executive Team

Dr. Michael J. Garrity, Executive Vice-President of Government Programs

Michael Garrity portrait Dr. Garrity is responsible for securing transition opportunities for Aptima’s research and development portfolio. In addition to his contributions in managing the company, he has maintained active involvement in Aptima’s scientific work, with more than a decade of experience developing and applying training and assessment methods and technologies in support of US and NATO organizations.

“Mike has assumed a number of positions since he first came through Aptima’s doors as a doctoral candidate: Intern, Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, Researcher, Project Manager, Team Lead, Division Director, and VP of Programs, said Aptima CEO and Principal Founder Daniel Serfaty. “I know he will continue to shepherd the whole company through the transition of our innovative ideas into useful and tangible applications. I feel fortunate to have him on my team.”

Dr. Shawn Weil, Executive Vice-President of Business Strategy

Shawn Weil portrait Dr. Weil is responsible for growing Aptima’s core business of Defense R&D while looking for transition paths from that work to operational use, and identifying new areas of strategic interest in the non-DoD Government, commercial and international sectors. As a scientist, Dr. Weil provides innovative, research-driven solutions to the study of organizational and command and control (C2) structures, evaluation of human performance via analysis of communications, and application of non-traditional training methodologies.

“Since he joined Aptima, Shawn has been successful in every Aptima job in which he found himself—from Research Scientist to Principal Investigator to Director of our Modeling, Simulation & Analytics Division,” said Serfaty. “By knowing how to listen to his colleagues and learn to adapt his considerable talent to the demands of the situation, he has most recently transformed the way we “capture” business at Aptima and has taught a new generation of Aptimists the secrets of successful customer engagement.”