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I/ITSEC 2018 Tech Demos

Aptima Announces Technology Demonstrations at I/ITSEC 2018

Are your trainees learning? How do you know? Visit Aptima in Booth #613 to learn about the latest in adaptive, accelerated learning for Force readiness

Aptima, the leader in optimizing human performance to ensure that training leads to quantifiable improvements in training and readiness, will be demonstrating its technologies at five exhibit hall locations throughout I/ITSEC, including the US Army RDECOM and I/ITSEC Launchpad booths. I/ITSEC, the world’s largest modeling, simulation and training conference, will be held November 26-29, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL.

Aptima will be showcasing technologies that measure, analyze, understand, and optimize Warfighter performance during Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) training exercises. The company’s solutions provide both instructors and trainees with essential insights and feedback for developing individual, team, and ‘teams of teams’ skills.

I/ITSEC Attendees and Media are encouraged to attend the following:

Booth #613 – Aptima: Are your trainees learning? How do you know? Aptima is answering these and other questions with technologies and solutions that combine measurement with learning analytics and personalized adaptive training for a successive cycle to measure, analyze, understand, and optimize human performance.

  • Are you harnessing data to improve learning? Aptima’s measurement technologies fuse multiple data sources for visualization of real time performance. These solutions quickly identify areas of success and failure in the training experience, helping instructors focus on essential feedback to improve learning.
  • Are you delivering the right training to the right person at the right time? Combining automated performance measures with adaptive algorithms, Aptima’s solutions deliver individualized training and feedback to each learner. These advanced systems can dynamically adapt and personalize instruction to deliver the right learning experiences at the right time.
  • Is your team operating at its best? Aptima’s technologies unobtrusively measure team communications throughout the organization, helping instructors identify interventions to optimize team performance.
  • Are you ready? Aptima’s technologies keep workers and Warfighters apprised, apace, and prepared. For commanders and leaders, we provide metrics to understand the knowledge and skills of individuals and teams over time and across the organization. For learners, Aptima replaces sporadic, inefficient, one-size-fits-all approaches to training to deliver on-demand building blocks of learning that support the laddering of skills for ongoing readiness.

Booth #1086 – I/ITSEC Launchpad Booth: Sailor Adaptive Intelligent Life-Long Learning system (SAIL3). SAIL3—the Sailor Adaptive Intelligent Life-Long Learning system—is an innovative proficiency and readiness system that uses advanced data analytics, human performance and learning sciences, and AI-based machine learning to provide Sailors with a “learning GPS” throughout their careers.  Accessing SAIL3 at the point of need, on personal digital devices or through a Navy managed system, Sailors will be able to manage all aspects of their career, training, and compensation concerns—anytime/anywhere. At the same time, SAIL3 will provide leaders and commanders with a continuous assessment of personnel proficiency and mission readiness at the Navy enterprise level. Demonstration:  Wednesday November 28, 4:00 PM (Session 3: Performance Measurement)

Booth #329 – US Army RDECOM: Teamwork Tutor. Teamwork skills are increasingly recognized as critical components of mission performance. Breakdowns in these skills can lead to mission failure, loss of resources, or even loss of life. Training these skills, however, have proven difficult. ARL-STTC and Aptima are demonstrating the Teamwork Tutor system, which builds upon the Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutoring (GIFT) to provide realistic teamwork skill training in a virtual environment.

Booth – #339 – Soar Technology, Inc.: Spartan After Action Review (SPAAR) tool. Aptima, in partnership with Soar Technology, has developed SPAAR, the Spartan After Action Review tool for the Office of Naval Research. SPAAR allows users to utilize multiple time-synced video, overhead map, and other real-time data feeds for quick and effective after-action reviews. With SPAAR, the United States Marine Corps is able to efficiently access more data than ever before to aid in the training of small unit decision making.

Booth #2461 – Ravenswood Solutions Booth: Team Performance in Live Training Environments. Ravenswood and Aptima are demonstrating a combined capability to measure and track all aspects of team performance in live training environments. Ravenswood’s Orion platform tracks, in real time, the movement and actions of participants in the environment and provides 3D mapping, video, and audio replay of training events. Aptima’s SPOTLITE integrates observer performance ratings and video markup of critical training feedback. Finally, Aptima’s ACCRUE software provides analysis and visualization of team communications to identify breakdowns or highlight successes in coordination among team members.

WHAT:             Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC)

WHERE:           Orange County Convention Center, South Concourse Exhibit Halls A and B, Orlando, FL

WHEN:             Nov 26–Nov 29. For exhibit hours, visit:

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Aptima’s mission is to optimize the performance of humans learning and operating in technology intensive, mission critical settings including defense, intel, aviation, law enforcement, and healthcare. We apply deep expertise in how humans think, learn, and behave to the goal of advancing readiness. For more information, please visit

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