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FitForce Planner

Aptima is teaming with the Office of Naval Research (ONR) in close collaboration with USMC Force Fitness personnel to develop the FitForce Planner and Mobile capabilities to ensure that the resulting tools are fit for purpose, and can withstand the rigorous operational environments in which they will be deployed. Aptima’s expertise in software engineering, architecting, and machine learning will lead to significant advances in the way Marines plan for, conduct, and learn from physical training activities. Many commercial fitness trackers adopt a one-size-fits-all approach for recommending training plans, only partially meeting the needs of demanding athletes and military personnel. Aptima’s FitForce tools focus on using individual and unit contextual factors to design, recommend, and adapt plans to fit the needs of these Marines, their Units, and the physical training support staff. Aptima is working directly with Marines to build FitForce from the ground up, and is focused on developing technical solutions that meet the demanding operational requirements and constraints that they face at home and on deployment.

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