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Kara Orvis Named VP

Dr. Kara Orvis Named Vice President of Research & Development Group

Woburn, Mass. – May 9, 2017 – Aptima, Inc., the leading human-centered engineering company that applies expertise in the disciplines of how humans think, learn, and behave to solve challenges faced by the U.S. Department of Defense, announced today that Dr. Kara Orvis has been promoted to Vice President of the company’s Research & Development (R&D) Group.

“As we enter this very exciting period of rapid growth, having someone with Kara’s technical expertise and experience lead our team of highly accomplished scientists and engineers is another positive move by Aptima to position the company as the front-runner in the human performance engineering space,” said Daniel Serfaty, Aptima CEO and Chairman.

Dr. Orvis most recently served as the Director of Aptima’s Performance Assessment & Augmentation Division. In her new role, Dr. Orvis will be responsible for the growth, talent management, and technical excellence of the Aptima’s four R&D Divisions.

Research & Development Group

In addition to Dr. Orvis’s promotion, the company has reorganized its R&D Group to better address and anticipate the needs of customers in defense, intel, aviation, law enforcement, and healthcare. This reorganization has resulted in a number of other promotions and realignments of its technical divisions, including the following:

Kent Halverson has been promoted to Director of the Performance Assessment Technology (PAT) Division, which develops innovative, valid, and reliable solutions to measure human performance at the individual and team levels. PAT’s multimodal assessment suite offers a unique blend of sensors (neurological, physiological, body worn, communication, system-based, observer, and self-report) that can leverage a variety of data sources available in the operator environment. Combined with advanced, data-agnostic algorithms, PAT offers a powerful, generalizable method to measure and optimize individual and team performance across a variety of operational and training domains to improve organizational performance.

Adam Fouse has been promoted to Director of the Performance Augmentation Systems (PAS) Division, which creates advanced technology solutions to enhance human social, cognitive, and physical capabilities on the job. PAS leverages Aptima’s work in computational analytics and performance assessment to create systems that are based on models and measures of individual, team, and social activity. Through the careful application of techniques such as requirements analysis, design thinking, and rapid prototyping, PAS create solutions that precisely address gaps in performance and form true partnerships between humans and technology.

Krista Ratwani is the Director of the Learning & Training Systems (LTS) Division (formerly the Advanced Cognitive Training Systems Division). Under the guidance of Dr. Ratwani, LTS promotes the evolution of complex skill-sets through the design and development of effective and efficient learning systems and experiences. The resulting technologies and solutions blend scientific theory, real world constraints, and data to enable continuous learning and development of both individuals and team. Through effective measurement and assessments, LTS ensures that the right experiences can occur at the right time to foster development both within single learning events and over time.

Charlotte Shabarekh is the Director of the Intelligent Analytic Technologies (IAT) Division (formerly the Modeling, Simulation & Analytics Division) which enables sense-making about complex data to promote effective decision-making. IAT develops cutting-edge predictive and visual analytics using techniques from machine learning, graph theory, cognitive engineering, and large-scale graph processing. By combining data analytics with immersive, naturalistic user experiences, IAT creates a seamless interface between the human and the machine.

Product Engineering Group

Michael Tolland Complementing the R&D Group is the Product Engineering (PE) Group (formerly the A-Measure® Product Team) lead by Michael Tolland. The mission of the PE Group is to shepherd the company’s core technologies and products in support of Aptima’s other science and technology (S&T) initiatives, ensuring the company delivers products that guarantee sustainability and longevity while meeting the unique needs of each customer. The PE Group is responsible for the Aptima’s technical vision for its Observer-based Measurement, Measurement Analysis, Data Management, Adaptive Training, and Visualization product lines. These core solutions along with PE’s dedication to a micro-service architecture and software best practices, will form the backbone of Aptima’s technology strategy.