Blog PostsBeyond I/ITSEC 2017: A Glimpse of the Future

Beyond I/ITSEC 2017: A Glimpse of the Future

Fusing Work and Learning to Accelerate Readiness

Wandering the floor of I/ITSEC one can’t help but be wowed by the ever-growing and impressive array of technologies on display.  As NTSA President James Robb, USN (Ret) put it, I/ITSEC is becoming a ‘one stop shopping’ venue for the training readiness world.  We won’t attempt to recap the highlights, but…

In Robb’s welcoming remarks, he identified a key theme worth watching; the ‘emphasis on big data and big data analytics.” Those terms, often tossed around can seem like empty buzzwords. But in the training realm, we know the implications will be concrete, real, even revolutionary.

As Robb explained, this is “primarily focused on how to digitize the human performance domain to better integrate information from the training systems back into the learning environment.  In other words, feeding analyzed performance data back into the debrief or actually into the training in real time.”

We know the significance because we’re working on it. Big data and analytics are the means by which training systems will become more intelligent and more responsive. One might say even human-like in the ability to adapt and customize learning to the individual. The application of data and analytics will be as central to training as the brain and nervous system are to the body.

Aptima CEO Daniel Serfaty, paints a picture of this big data transformation, how tapping into the swirl of data all around us, training systems (and operational ones too) will continually assess and offer up the optimal content experiences and the most efficient learning paths to accelerate readiness. Taking this a step further, Daniel envisions a world in which data and analytics will help bring what have been separate activities and environments–working and learning–into closer alignment, dissolving the boundaries, so we can do both together, better.

This vision assumes a foundation of R&D innovation in human performance measurement, data analytics, and optimized learning. This is already happening at Aptima. At I/ITSEC 2017, Aptima presented nine papers (yes, nine) that lay the groundwork for this vision. These papers are available to download at I/ITSEC, listed below:

  • Standardizing Human Performance Measurement for Ease of Data Analytics
  • Performance Measurement Considerations for Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC) Training
  • JTAC/JFO Team Training Effectiveness in a Simulation-based Environment
  • Measuring Team Performance and Coordination in a Mixed Human Synthetic Team Training Environment
  • HPAE – Assessing Submariners’ Intuitive Decision-making Skills using Neurocognitive Methods
  • Operational Learning: Leveraging Mission Data to Optimize Skill Development
  • Creating Data Driven Training Scenarios
  • Assessing Military Perceptual Expertise with Drift Diffusion Modeling
  • Adaptive Facilitation Skills for Army Instructors

We look forward to reporting more news and advances in 2018 as we chart the path!