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ayc work

Chief Executive Officer

Principal Founder, Chairman–Board of Directors

Daniel is Aptima’s Principal Founder, establishing and implementing a vision for Aptima as the premier Human-Centered Engineering business in the world. Mr. Serfaty’s current work involves the technical leadership and coordination of interdisciplinary projects for government agencies and private industries in conjunction with several academic, industrial and government teams. These efforts investigate factors that drive organizational performance, expertise development and human-systems integration in large-scale technology-rich socio-technical systems.

Prior to founding Aptima in 1995, Daniel was engineering group leader and program manager at Alphatech (now BAE Systems), where he coordinated projects in the decision-making, training, and human engineering areas.

For the last 25 years Daniel’s research interests have included the application of rigorous modeling and experimental methods to improve decision-making performance, develop expertise in field settings, and apply systems engineering methods to the design of large-scale organizations. In addition to his technical pursuits, his many industry activities include participating in various technology leadership forums and serving on the board of directors of small technology businesses.

Daniel’s academic background includes undergraduate degrees in Mathematics/Physics, Psychology, and Aeronautical Engineering from the Université de Paris and the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, an MS in aeronautical engineering (Technion), and an M.B.A. in International Management from the University of Connecticut. His doctoral work at the University of Connecticut pioneered a systematic approach to the analysis of distributed decision-making in dynamic and uncertain environments.


Daniel’s Keynote Speech – ITSEC 2016


Notable Publications

Freeman, J., Grande, D., & Serfaty, D. (2009). A model of organizations, systems, and technologies. Proceedings of Delft Cooperation on Intelligent Systems Human Factors Event 2009, 13-14 October, Delft, The Netherlands.

Grande, D., Black, J. T., Freeman, J., Sorber, T., & Serfaty, D. (2009). Use of dynamic models and operational architecture to solve complex Navy staffing challenges. Proceedings of the MODSIM WORLD 2009, Virginia Beach, VA.

Levchuk, G., Skarin, B., Pattipati, K., & Serfaty, D. (2008). SECURE: Stochastic Enhanced Control of Unstable Regional Environments. Proceedings of the 13th International Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium, Seattle, WA.

Kemple, W., Kleinman, D., Weil, S. A., Grier, R., Hutchins, S., Hocevar, S., & Serfaty, D. (2006). Field observations of an Expeditionary Strike Group: A prerequisite to model-driven experimentation of adaptive C2 processes. Proceedings of the 11th International Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium, Cambridge, UK.

Levchuk, Y., Levchuk, G., Grier, R., Weil, S. A., & Serfaty, D. (2006). Empirically-driven analysis for model-driven experimentation: From lab to sea and back again (Part 2). Proceedings of the 2006 Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium, San Diego, CA.