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Award Presented at STEM School Science Fair

Award Presented at STEM School Science Fair

Aptima STEM Initiative: “Human-Centered Engineering Award” Presented at Dayton Regional STEM School Science Fair

stem_trophyDayton, OH, March 17, 2014 – On Saturday, February 22, Aptima participated in the Dayton Regional STEM School (DRSS) Science Fair. Aptima employees Andres Ortiz, Leah Swanson, Heather Wade, and Tiffany Poeppelman participated in judging the science projects and presented Aptima’s first “Human-Centered Engineering Award” for a STEM school-based event.

The first place winners were top notch 10th graders who conducted a study on the effects of digital versus print ads. To test the differences, they leveraged an eye tracker and evaluated whether readers spent more time on print ads over digital ads. They were surprised to find that readers tend to spend more time reviewing digital ads, which they concluded may have been due to the lack of credibility associated with web ads. The Aptima team was very impressed by their implementation of the scientific method and presentation of their data findings via heat maps.


The DRSS Science Fair winners will be advancing to the West District Science Fair at Clark State University on March 22.

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The Dayton Regional STEM School’s mission is to prepare students with the skills necessary to compete in the global economy while nurturing in young people the same enthusiasm for discovery, invention and application that launched the vision for powered flight. This mission is inspired by the Dayton region’s history, and is aimed at ensuring our community’s future success. Learn more The Dayton Regional STEM School.