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Aptima’s Suite of Leadership Solutions

Aptima’s Suite of Leadership Solutions

Aptima’s Leadership Solutions


Gone are the days in which leadership initiatives are constrained by deep-seeded group norms that develop organically. With Aptima’s CLIMATE Training, leaders can proactively shape and maintain the tone of the group like never before. Through advanced leadership strategies rooted in scientific research, leaders now have the tools necessary to guide others toward behavior that aligns with organizational values and leader expectations.  Workshops, mobile apps, and intelligent web-based training accelerators work together – or independently – to ensure transfer to existing work environments.

Ethical Climate Training for Leaders

Today’s era of quick results and high-stakes decisions make shortcuts and workarounds seem like competitive advantages. The Ethical CLIMATE Training series, developed by Aptima, enables leaders to shape and maintain an environment in which workers are motivated to “do the right thing”. While most “ethical leadership” courses focus on how to make ethical decisions as a leader, CLIMATE training provides the missing strategies for leading others to think and act ethically – shaping an environment in which ethical behavior is expected, even when the leader is not around.

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intent-logoTo make the “right” decisions even when the leader can’t be there, team members need to effectively “channel” their leader’s preferences – both explicit goals and implicit guidance on how to achieve those goals. Research shows that it can take a full year for employees to truly understand this leader intent. The INTENT Workshop accelerates the process of learning the leader’s intent, quickly creating a more effective, agile, and productive team. Using an informal scenario-based learning process, INTENT discussion strategies help leaders rapidly convey intent from previous mistakes and successes, as well as from notional situations.

Download the INTENT information sheet (PDF)

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