Human ElementLessons in Leadership & Teambuilding

Lessons in Leadership & Teambuilding

At Aptima’s latest Monthly Leadership Breakfast, Division Directors, Capability Leads and Senior Staffers participated in a hands-on exercise designed to facilitate leadership and teambuilding skills. Aside from the challenge of needing to build a tower made out of plastic straws, cotton balls and bow-tie pasta, groups had work across offices by VTC, and no one but the designated leader was allowed to talk! The winning tower had to be not only the tallest, but also had to be able to stand independently for at least one minute. Everyone had a lot of fun and got to experience leadership and teamwork in a new way. Congratulations to winning team “Team Babel-On” – JCR Colonna-Romano, Webb Stacy, Gabe Ganberg, Charlotte Shabarekh, and John Feeney!

The Winner! Team Babbel-On

2nd Place Team Car RamRod

3rd Place Team Straw Dogs

4th Place Team TRUMP (Tower Raising by United Motivated Professionals)